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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Got Awards!

So this has been a great week for me, most definitely! I won 2 awards this week. They're the same one, but it's the fact two people gave them to me that made me happy.It's very exciting. I know my blog just started about a month ago and now I went from 1 to 31 great followers! Awesome right? Anyways, the first award was given to me by my best blogging buddy Sierra. She's a really great blogger and has kick-ass review. Go check here out Here! Go look at it now!.

Here's the Pretty Little Blog Award.

And here are the rules:

The goal of the award is to spotlight up and coming bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers. The rules of the award are:

1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all - have bloggity-blog fun!

The other award was given to me by Saba at Saba's Awesome Reviews who writes very good review and has a really good blog! She also had a very good taste in movies! I'm a huge movie nerd, so if I say someone has a good taste in movies, they do! If that's not enough reason for you to go look at your blog, you're just plain mean, but seriously, just go look at the blog!Well it's time. Now, I have to pass along the award to 10 more awesome people. These are people I think deserve to have this award just like Sierra and Saba thought I should and these people are:

 Tiffany @ "perfectly" inked! ; Tiffany definitely deserves this award, not only because her blog is pretty and cute, but because her reviews are on-point and don't ramble on-and-on like mine. She's a really nice and awesome blogger. Check out her blog.

Poppin @ 5 Line Reviews  ; Poppin deserves this award a lot, she moved to this new blog, so follow this one. She may not have a lot of followers, but she has an awesome blog. She's really nice and her manga review are cool. I love manga, too. So go ahead and check out her blog.

Preet @ A Written Rhaposody ; Preet really deserves this award because her blog is  a m a z i n g! I love her posts, they're always so funny and her graphics are always so cool! Her blog is just pretty-ful and amazing overall. So now you are to go follow her!

Crystal @ Just Because ; Crystal is a nice gal! She, like me, is random and us random people gotta stick together. Her blog is coolio and I love her blog name: Just Because. . .I freaking love it a lot.

Megan B @ A Cover Lover ; A shoe-lovin' gal, just like me! I also love her blog time! A Cover Lover, is it just me or is that name so cute. Her blog has great reviews and I love her V-Logs. Go see her blog, like now.

Well here ya' go! Some cool blogs you should look up. It took me about 3 hours to find blogs I really liked, but it was worth it. I found out about some awesome blogs I really enjoyed reading. So go ahead and pass the award along.:)


  1. Congrats! Will check out the blogs you awarded!

  2. You are too flippin sweet! I'm glad you spent 3 hours lookin for my blog *goes teary eyed* lol. Thanks so much for the nomination!! It means the world:)
    - tiffany

  3. Sonia: Thanks, they're really great.

    Tiffany: No problem,I really enjoyed looking at your blog and reading your post, it was worth the 3 hours.:)

  4. Aw, thanks so much! It makes me so happy to see that someone is actually reading my rambles, haha.


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