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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Review: Paradise Rules by Jimmy Gleacher

Paradise Rules by
Jimmy Gleacher 

Date Released: July 12th, 2011 by Simon & Schuster
Pages:  320 
Date Finished: November 29
Format: Paperback
Rating: 4.6/5

Summary:  It’s only a week into summer break and already seventeen-year-old Gates has . . .

a) Hustled millionaires on the golf course

b) Tried to stop his mother from having a(nother) nervous breakdown

c) Promised to lose his virginity with his girlfriend, Mel . . . which would be great if he hadn’t already lost it to his forty-year-old godmother

d) Almost killed a man

Yeah, Gates has a lot of secrets, but he’s determined to keep his heart true. When he’s not swinging golf clubs like a pro, he reads pulp fiction to old folks at the retirement home. And despite his occasional slip-ups—drinking before noon and sneaking glimpses through his sexy godmother’s open negligees—Gates only has eyes for Mel. But she knows he’s hiding something, and she’s beginning to lose her patience.

Just as Gates is about to spill his shameful secrets, he gets tangled up in a golf club scandal that jeopardizes his dreams of a normal life. He’s never been a fighter, but this time he finally pushes back at the world—which could have been a breakthrough but turns into an epic fail. Probably because Gates fights back dirty. Now his life is on the verge of ruin, and he’s got no one to turn to for help.

Or so he thinks. Because what Gates is about to discover might hit him with the most amazing shock of his life.

My Thoughts: Well, first off, this is some very expilict YA fiction. I recieved this copy a while ago and read it half-way and decided to put it in the DNF pile, but after a few months of sitting there growing dust on my shelf, I picked it back up and finished it. And, must I say, i'm glad I did.

Well, if you're over 14, then this book is enough for you, unless if I say the word: SEX! You wince a little bit. Then you are not ready for it. It starts us off with Gates, who's at the prime of his life, but he has a delima, he has already lost his virginity to his 40-year-old godmother ( It pains me to type this.) and he is expected to have sex with his girlfriend, Melanie. Not only that, but if he tells his mother, she will most likely kill herself and he'd never want that. Gates has a problem as you can see.

As the story progresses, I really didn't understand why Gates had sex with his godmother,w hy she paraded around their house like a prostititute and that's why I stoped reading it. I had too many unanswered questions. Even at the end of the novel, I didn't have my questions answered! But then I realized, this was on of those stories that just took you on an adventure. A wild ride is surely what happened when I read the ending to this book. It's one of those books that doesn't really have an internal meaning, its just there to give a little spark to the YA world. Not to have a specific theme to it. So, that's why I'm not rating it bad. Plus, I must admit, it made me laugh a few times. So there it.

Merry Christmas, DAMN, I finally posted. Haven't been on here in ages. Hope you had a good Christmas.

I'm Out.

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