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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday (1)

Welcome to my Shelf Candy, a weekly feature formed at Five Alarm Book Reviews, I shall post every Saturday to show off a book that catches the readers eye. I hope you enjoy this meme and eventually hop on in it because I guarantee you it is bunches of fun. Enjoy!


Well, let me just say, I haven't read this series, but let me explain that it is on my Kindle as of this morning. Thank you mother for the everlasting Amazon Gift Card. But you cannot deny these covers are fucking gorgeous! I'm so serious right now, they have a simple beauty to them, it's like a painting, but not over the top, but it annoys me the way their robes, or whatever they are wearing, flow into the wind. I just want to push them out of the way and it'd be much, much better. Other than that, its fantastic.


  1. I haven't started this series yet but it was love at first sight when I saw the cover for Starcrossed. This is my first time seeing the cover for the next installment, Dreamless, so thanks sor including that. I never thought about it, but now that you mention it, getting rid of some of that flowing fabric would tone it down a bit and would probably look better.
    Thank you for participating in Shelf Candy.

  2. I'm so glad you put this series up here!! I LOVE these covers and can't wait to actually start reading the series. I am a sucker for flowy dresses I think. Great shelf candy share!
    You can check out my Shelf Candy here.
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  3. FABR Steph - Oh, no problem, I'd been hearing of Dreamless for a while, so I decided, Hey, let's get the next book up to, so others can know about it. Plus,I also couldn't pick which one, they're so fantastic. And no problem, I love your meme.

    Shawna Johnson - Me too! I die when I see beautiful dresses, like this:)

  4. Gorgeous! Actually, I like the wind in their dress trains (or whatever they are, haha), especially in Dreamless, because they look like gigantic flower petals. Hope you enjoy the books.
    Annie @ CandleLitLibrary

  5. I love these covers and I have been wanting to read these books for quite a while! I love the colors and the movement in the dresses.

  6. Jenn Rennee - Very beautiful

    Annie - I hope so:)

    Cambria - I really want to read them too, hope they're good.

  7. I've not read either of these (yet) but they have such gorgeous covers. I hope the stories inside are just as good!


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