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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Updates: In Which I Tell You What I've Been Up To



Well, hi, there. I've gotten back on my book blogging now that my computer has stopped being a big fart face. I'm going to start posting reviews and getting into more memes. Also, since its a new year and I'm starting off fresh with challenges! Yes, you heard me right. CHALLENGES. My challenge buddy, Sierra, over at at Happily Never Ending and I will be doing these challenges together because we are just that cool. 

But anyways, I am so ready for this to begin. Here are the challenges:






2012 E-BOOK CHALLENGE @ Workaday Reads 


NET GALLEY CHALLENGE @ Miss Remmer's Reviews 



Well, these are the challenges I up to this year and I wan to finish at least one, trust me, I won't finish them all, and another bookish revolution is to finish at least 50 books this year, as a minimum. I've been reading a lot anyways this week in particular, so 50 shouldn't be so hard. Right? ( What the hell am I getting myself into ) I'm a newbie and a very very lazy so I did not post the rules and guidelines to each challenge. This post is long enough as it is, just saying.

Guys, well, I go to the best and greatest high school ever, I've been meeting so many great people and I go and come, get good grades the etc. While in World Civics, I decide to throw a piece of paper and which is, may I mention a few feet away from me and takes about two seconds. I come back and I am going through my bag, and my phone is gone. GONE! I know is a material possession and yadda-yadda, but some bitch, yes bitch! Stole my phone. In about 2 seconds, is that or is that not fucked up? I think that is pretty fucked up. I'm looking through it, throwing my shit on the floor and its gone! I was about to get suspended that day for cursing everyone out in the room. I'm going to literally punch everyone in the face. Now, you fucking take my phone and its like: What the fuck is wrong with you.

But I looked on the brighter side and just sit in class like a nice little girl in which I am.

And that is what I have been up to.

I'm Out.

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