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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Ramblings, Book Tag

Well, hello there! I know it's been a while, I know right? Hope you guys had a happy Valentine's Day. I did, I guess? Ate a lot of candy that wasn't mine. Anyways, we're hear to talk about books! I've been book tagged. I've seen this a few times over the blog-o-sphere and also across the Youtube pages full of book bloggers. I thought'd it be fun to do, so here it is.

So here's all the questions asked by Steph over at Five Alarm Book Reviews

 What Made You Want to Start Book Blogging?

Well, I used to see all these blogs across the blog-o-sphere and my good friend Sierra at Happily Never Ending actually started blogging before me and I use to watch her in awe. She got to talk to all these authors and meet all these cool people, so I'm like, "Can I Join?" Sure enough, later that day, I made myself a blog. And that is the start of Pretty Little Book-Head. ( You probably don't care, but it's all good. )

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

Almost a year! Thank Goodness. Can't wait for my blog-o-versary.Then it's party time. But I'd say about 8 or 9 months.

Who Are Some of Your Favorite Book Bloggers? Why?

Well, of course Steph at Five Alarm Book Reviews. Why? Because she freaking awesome and her posts are entertaining and she's funny and I love her Shelf Candy meme. (Her link is above) I love my best blogging buddy Sierra. Why? She's my best friend, nuff said.(Link is also above) I absolutely love Farrah and Brit at I Eat Words. Why? Because they are freaking hilarious and I love the way the talk. No creepy-ness. I just like to listen to them talk about books all day. And they do such unique posts. Kristi at The Story Siren. Why? Because I love In My Mailbox, haven't done it in ages! But love it. Jen at Makeshift Bookmark. I also love Jude at In Between Writing and Reading

What Is A Series Have You Not Started Yet, But You'd Like To Dive Into?

Hard Question, but Number One. HUNGER GAMES! I need to read this before the movie comes out. Oh and Perfect Chemistry. I've only heard good things about it. Also Nightshade by Andrea Cramer.

What Are Your Other Passions Besides Books?

Art. I live, live to draw. Many people say I'm talented and I'm like: Ehh. And also, Movies and Tv. I will go on and on about a tv show or movie for hours, days, years, etc. I love my tv and Hulu. 

How Many Average Books Do You Read In a Year? Do You Review Them All? Is It Hard To Keep Up?

I couldn't tell you how many even if I tried. And I just started blogging so, I guess I will unless I really really hated it, then I might not review it. Scratch that. I will and yes, it is very hard to keep up, I do have a life here:P

What Are You Reading Right Now? Are You Liking It So Far? 

I'm reading Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and it's alright. So far.

What Is Your Favorite Series Right Now? Why?

Ummmmm...The Georgia Nicholson series. Angus, Thongs...Freaking genius novel.
That is all.

What Is One Book You're Eager To Talk About?

The Pregnancy Project. It looks good!

Where Is You're Favorite Reading Spot?

My bed, most definitely during the winter. Then on a lazy rainy day, the couch. My lumpy, lumpy couch. And a summery day, I like to read at the park. So sunshiney am I.

That is all. Soo, you like? You like? If you want more questions. You can email me some and I can put together a Q & A. And we'd all love that, wouldn't we?

Not really:)

My questions are:

Best Book You've Ever Read?
What Do You Like Most About The Blog-o-Sphere?
What's Your Favorite Genre?
What Do You Do When You're Not Reading?
Do You Snack While Reading?
Makeshift Bookmark or Real Bookmark?
Where Do You Buy You're Books From?
Kindle or Nook?
Do You're Friends Support Your Book Addiction? ( Mine sure don't )
What Do You Think About Audio Books?

And I tag.
If I tag ten people, they'd be like: Grrrr. Why ARE YOU TAGGING ME! So I'm tagging 5.

Sierra @ Happily Never Ending

Preet @ A Written Rhapsody

The FANTASTIC Anna @ Anna Reads

Nikki @ Take Me Away

Rachel @ Rachel Brooks Writes 

Well, that is all, let me go off an notify these people I've tagged them.

I'm Out


  1. I love your answers. I am going to check out the blogs that you love, maybe there is one I have never visited. Ba! I haven't read Hunger Games either. It is so cool that you and your best friend both blog. I would love to have that in common with a besty. I do have a lot of blog besties now though. Thanks for answering all of my questions.

  2. FABR Steph - Oohh thanks. And please do, they deserve the recognition. They're awesome. I thought is was cool too, and I'm lucky to have her as help. I don't see many blogging buddies.
    No problem.

  3. I'm *always* a book-first person, so I'd have to recommend reading The Hunger Games before watching the movie. And my friends don't really support my book addiction either...hence the blogging. :-)

  4. Bookish in a Box - Yes, me too. I hate seeing a movie without reading the book, which I do a lot of. A habit I'm trying to stop. Hehehe, blogging:D


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