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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday (5)

Hey there, hey there. I'm back officially and ready to blog, during SPRING FREAKING BREAK, and here is my Shelf Candy this week:

Bad Taste In Boys/Bad Hair Day
By Carrie Harris

Back to the old grind, I tell ya. I've read a bit of here and there with Bad Taste In Boys, its decent so far. Nothing memorable. But anyways, this is for the cover. These sexy covers. I love the crystals on her lips in BTIB and in Bad Hair Day, the way it looks like she's sneaking around hiding behind the tree, I love it. And her hair is kind of cute in a way. Not so much bad. But crazy hair is a fashion statement in some ways to me.  Who knows?
These book are ultimately fabulous.

I'm Out.


  1. !!! AH!
    I've totally picked Bad Taste In Boys for my Shelf Candy one week too so I totally know what you mean! Great minds! But both covers next to each other?! They are amazing!
    I haven't seen the Bad Hair Day one too! I love the darkness and edgy quality and the contrast between the hair which looks like it's almost rotting at the tips and the roughness of the tree to the creamy delicate skin of the model. Beautiful pick!
    I really like your blog. :)

    Take a look at my shelf candy for this week and let me know what you think; http://www.thewindypages.com/2012/03/shelf-candy-saturday-21.html

    Thanks and happy saturday!

    1. I saw this and had to pick it. They look sooo cute and sweet. And the lips are to die for, like, sweet.

      Happy SUnday:D

  2. I really like these covers. They are different but alike. my scs http://jennreneeread.blogspot.com/2012/03/shelf-candy-saturday-6-blessed-by.html

  3. These are both great covers. Bad Taste in Boys is perfect. I love the pop of color and the sugar coated lips. It is too bad that the book is not holding up to greatness that this cover is putting out there.
    I use books for Shelf Candy, many times,that I have not even read, so I will flash a cover if the work is deserving, and these certainly are. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I just finished reading BTIB, it was an easy, light read. I really love the cover too! It's a fun color combination.


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