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Monday, April 23, 2012

Relatable Books In YA

So as an avid reader, I get book recommendations from my friends ALL the time. And I mean all the time, but sometimes it gets hard. About all my friends want "relatable" teenage books 
about teens like them in situations that could happen to them.

                                     We have stacks on stacks of literature now a days, but does it really relate to us, as teenagers? I'd say in this big stack, you'd have to find a book relatable to you! But my friends see it differently otherwise. We I pull up a paranormal romance, or a dystopian, here's what comes out of their mouth: Oh, so it's like Twilight? Oh, so it's like The Hunger Games?
Then I just want to slap them so hard like its nothing.
I feel teenagers in some books are portrayed properly because they don't really have, normal teen problems, with normal teen flaws.

I mean when you read a book and the girl describes herself as "bland","boring" and "ugly." But when I read it, personally, I really imagine her a pretty. I've never read a novel with a, basically, "ugly", for lack of a better word, character. Except if you count Telly from Uglies. But she kind of has to be considered ugly, I mean look at the name of the title. 

But every once in a while there comes a book that blows your mind with the real terrors of the world such as; Crank, Glass, Fallout, oooooorrrr basically any book by Ellen Hopkins.

Possibly any book by Laurie Halse Anderson, such as Wintergirls, ( That book was crazy ) or Speak. One book, I must say was her best, was Catalyst. It was real, about a girl on her way to college, she thinks she has it all planned out and BAM! Something so small can get in your way. 

There's a lot of books that hit hard down on you as you read. And they are so raw they cause tears and make your heart hurt. Those are the books that you have to really think: IS THIS FUCKING REAL? 
And most of the time they are, but, other times, the characters aren't real in their situation. They don't seem like real people. More like Sims that the author is controlling with every word.

But, hey, that the YA world. You either find what you're looking for and continue the book, or put it down, never to pick up again. ( Or at least for a while )

I'm Out.

(P.S. Anyone know how where or how you can get your camera fixed? My shutter button broke off. I have the button, but where could you get it fixed?)

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