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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Sooo, Ringer. Any of you watch it? Well if you don't  you should. It is really, really good. 
Besides reading, I am a huge tv junkie and movie geek. Seriously, this show is my guilty pleasure ( Besides Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game, Sara Shepard is a writing god )
Well, back to Ringer, it's a show on The CW about twin sisters. Bridgit is on the run from a man trying to murder her because she witnessed him murder a fellow stripper friend of hers. Yeah, she was a stripper. The good ole drug doing, drinking stripper. The other is Siobhan, a high society, run-of-the-mill woman. She has everything. Money, wealth and seemingly perfect marriage. The life everyone seems to want.

Well, Bridgit runs to her sister Siobhan after receiving a letter asking her to visit sometime and they hang out and catch up. Then Bridgit wakes up on the boat they were on and Siobahan is gone. An empty pill bottle is there and a piece of Siobhan's clothing is in the ocean. It seems she has killed herself and desperate Bridgit takes her place in Manhattan and goes on pretending to be Siobhan. 

Then she finds out Siobhan was hiding some pretty dark secrets in her seemingly perfect life. And its crazy!

This show is similar to The Lying Game and if you like that show, YOU'LL LOVE THIS ONE.

Its crazy and there's a cliffhanger after every episode. Everyone in the show is connected to one another and I love that everyone has their own storyline. Their own reason about where they are and why. As the show goes on, you get attached to them and you'll love them. Well, some of them.

One thing I did't like is that PEOPLE DIE LIKE EVERY EPISODE! ITS CRAZY!

Well, lets backtrack to the promo poster for this show. The double Sarah Michelle Gellar is a little scary, but after a while its just wonderful. I love it. Sarah is also a reason to watch this show. It that's not, we have a problem. She's a really good actress. And plays the differences in Siobhan and Bridgit very well. FREAKING BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER!

The scripting is well, the direction is well done and also the characters are soo epic. 
The later episodes are way better than the older ones. They have so much more action! 

I literally had a spaz attack over how epic the last episode was. It should be coming on DVD soon, if you can't catch up on the episodes, so go buy it!

So many twists, like a secret lover, a killer on the loose, and someone comes back from the dead and I'm like: WHAT??? OH NO!

Here's the trailer: 

I've told you enough, I'm Out.

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  1. I love this show!!! I haven't watched in two weeks though, I have it on my DVR, so just in case I didn't read your post. I will need to come back and read it once I get caught up. It is a great show though. Talk about having some major "What?" moments in a show.


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