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Monday, May 28, 2012

This Month in Movies: May

Oh, hello there.
 I just wanted to tell you about the movies I have seen this month..Of what? May. So enough talking and here I go.

This Month In Movies:

No Strings Attached Poster

 No Strings Attached (2010)

Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Mindy Kaling, Jake Johnson, Ludacris and Lake Bell

I saw this movie May 27, 2012

I give it an: A-

Star cast! And fantastic concept. I've seen Friends with Benefits and I must saw, I'm liking this a little bit better. Sorry Justin and Mila. Its funny. Its fresh. Exciting. I think if I'd have seen this before Friends With Benefits I might have a different opinion, but nether-the-less. FANTASTIC MOVIE!

Girl in Progress PosterGirl In Progress (2012)

Eva Mendez, Cierra Ramirez, Patricia Arquette, Matthew Modine, Landon Liboirine and Raini Rodriguez

I saw this movie on May 11, 2012. The day it released.

I give this movie a: B-

Well, I'd been seeing this trailer for a while now and I though, you know, Why not? And I am sort of debating on whether or not, it was worth it. It was a swell movie. I sweet movie on mother-daughter relationships and the ups-and-downs in Aniestad's (Cierra Ramirez) life with her mother (Eva Mendez) who's never there. And when she comes up with this plan to grow up, crazy as it is, the movie takes off from there. But otherwise, Its a good movie. Nothing spectacular.

Zero Day Poster
Zero Day (2003)

Cal Robertson, Andre Keuck.

I saw this movie May 14, 2012

I give this movie a: C-

Well, the Columbine shootings were HORRIBLE. And so saddning. And when these two boys decide they're going to shoot up their school, they decide to video tape themselves planning and their daily adventures until that fateful day, that they've titled: Zero Day. Well, the movie itself has no depth whatsoever. Just a bunch of tapes of them going shit. But as you get more into you see, yeah, they're crazy and it makes you really watch, which is what brough this up to a C. It's attentive, makes you watch it even when you'd really rather not watch it.

Fear Island PosterFear Island (2009)

Lucy Hale, Haylie Duff, Aaron Ashmore, Kyle Schmid and Jessica Harmon

I give this movie an: A-

My best friend made me watch this with her because she's too scared to watch it alond and just like every horror movie with a couple of teens, it goes as such. Teens go out to some secluded area, woods, private island, something and just before, they did something bad, and someone found out. While they're on that secluded island, people start dying. Yeah. It gets old, but this was different. One of the people survived and the police caputure them and they must tell their story. And the ending killed me. I screamed at the tv like: WTF!?!?
It was crazy, a must see.

Well, Happy Readings.
Or Happy Movie Watching?
Who knows.

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