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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shelf Candy Saturday: Being Friends With Boys

Well, I sort of forgot about my Shelf Candy, and then I remembered it all of a sudden today and so here I am. I missed having it, but as forgetful as I am, I knew something was missing on my blog, I just didn't know what.
Here's this weeks Shelf Candy!

Being Friends With Boys
By Tara Elan McVoy

Being Friends with Boys

Summary: Charlotte and Oliver have been friends forever. She knows that he, Abe, and Trip consider her to be one of the guys, and she likes it that way. She likes being the friend who keeps them all together. Likes offering a girl's perspective on their love lives. Likes being the behind-the-scenes wordsmith who writes all the lyrics for the boys' band. Char has a house full of stepsisters and a past full of backstabbing (female) ex-best friends, so for her, being friends with boys is refreshingly drama-free...until it isn't any more.

When a new boy enters the scene and makes Char feel like, well, a total girl...and two of her other friends have a falling out that may or may not be related to one of them deciding he possibly wants to be more than friends with Char...being friends with all these boys suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.

What I Think: I like the simplicity of this cover, its sweet, without being too cutesy about it.  And I love the fact the title is in all lowercase letters, it adds to that simplicity. And the heart inside the coffee mug is just perfect, the way its pink contrasts against the brown of the is amazing.

Well, Happy Readings,


  1. I completely agree. The simplicity is played to an advantage for this cover and it sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Yes, I'm glad someone sees it as well. I'm not alone! No problem:D

  2. Great pick! I love how simple this is but it's really cute too. I like the lower case title too.

    My shelf candy is here if you'd like a look :)

  3. Hi, Kandee!

    This is really inspired design! It's bold, it's simple. It's FANTASTIC, and I LOVE it!! Gotta get this book! Thanks for featuring it!! : )

    1. No problem, thank you for commenting.


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