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Monday, July 2, 2012

Nancy Drew? What do you think?

Hi there, as you probably know, I like Nancy Drew. I've talked about it on some of my posts before, so you know. I fucking love Nancy Drew. I've loved her eve since I was a child, reading her old, yellow books. And they're always recognizable with their bright yellow covers. Or the newer ones, which I also enjoy, but they just aren't the same.

She's amazing and what I've realized is that not many people know about her amazing-ness. I have a good 95% of the games, which is what I mainly would like to talk about.

HerInteractive is a really amazing company for creating this games that I have loved for many years. You can buy these games just about everywhere, they have many of the games at places like Best Buy, Target and even Staples! I know, Staples. Well, basically in these games you are Nancy Drew, cool right? You're a badass, crime solving detective. And you go to these destinations to solve said crimes. I mean these places are crazy, like an abandoned train, an old ranch, even on a freaking television set.

Plus, she does it all from defusing bombs, to cooking lunch, breakfast and diner, to shoveling snow, to fixing pipes in a sauna. The game focuses on the mystery, but consists of many puzzles and riddles. The characters are just amazing and some of my favorite characters are:

Katie Holt from Danger on Deception Island

Heather McKay from Danger By Design

Well, there's more, but I don't want to bore you with that. So basically these games are amazing, you should go out and at least try one or two. Or find a download somewhere over the Internet. And beware some of these games are scary! Not like murder, die, die! scary, but like "OH MY GOSH, What just happened?" scary. They make you jump.

So there it is, and if you are a new timer with these games, you should start of with Secrets Can Kill, the first one, not to be confused with Secrets Can Kill: Remastered, the newer one. Some games I really enjoyed were:

The Secret of The Old Clock
Stay Tuned For Danger
The Final Scene
Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon

And that is all, Dare to Play,
Have A Good Day,


  1. I read many of the Nancy Drew books surrounding my middle school years and loved them. I did not realize that there are games. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. No problem and the games are absolutely amazing!

  2. Omg! I am so excited that you posted this! I have loved the nancy drew computer games! I have played them all with my younger sister, we are obsessed. I have yet to find another game anythingn like it. Have you found anything like it? All the other mystery games that I have found are all hidden object games :/


    1. Oh hello, and thanks for the wonderful comment. I have played them ever since I was a child and I hated those hidden object games sooo much and Nancy Drew has opened me up to a wide range of games, if you like these try the Sherlock Holmes games. They are very fun!


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