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Friday, August 3, 2012

5 Reasons I Am Love Friends

Hello people of the internet,

So no one told me my life was going to be like this:

Sitting in front of the television drinking chocolate milk and watching Friends.

Yes, Friends.

I have literally been up watching Friends for the past 2 hours straight. I'm serious right now. I am addicted. My brother said, "Watching Friends is for people with no lives." 

I threw a shoe at him.

Friends is the best fucking show ever. Yes!

1. MONICA! I absolutely love her, Courtney Cox, Monica, Jules, Gail. Whatever character you want to call her, I love her. Since Friends is over with. *sniffle* I watch Cougar Town to get my dose of Courtney. She's outgoing, she's crazy, she's funny. She's Moonniiccaaa :D

How can you not love this?

2. Monica and Chandler! Well, I love them, their relationship is amazing not only because its just like mine, but because it is just fucking adorable! I mean they're best friends and lovers, they've had their fights, but they are so cute with it!

Like look:

3. The subtle jokes. Another reason I love Friends. I mean the jokes are hilarious, not all of them, but a good lot of them. And they aren't the cheesy BAM-in-you-face jokes, they're little and if you catch them and understand them, they're fucking amazing. They're everyday jokes anyone could have come up with.

4. The realness. The one thing I adore is how real this show is. I mean, they could be anybody. Hell, the things they do are some of the things I do with my friends. I want my friends and I to be like them when we get their age. Not that they're like dating each other, but I want that friendship. The situations they get into could happen to anyone, they aren't so unrealistic like, winning a million dollars and living together, or like going off on vacation on a whim, I am a middle class person, I can't just go off because I can. Because I can't!

And lastly, 5. Their facial reactions. I have nothing to say on this, but: 

 And I'm going to leave you with that.
Good day everyone,


  1. I've been watching Friends again too and I love it for all the reasons you do. My favorite character is Monica too. I love the one when she and Chandler are making presents for each other.

    1. Yes, Its soo amazing. Monica is sooo beautiful and amazing, she's funny. :D

      Spreading the amazing word of friends.

  2. I love Friends. I think Joey and Phoebe are my faves. So darn funny. Matthew Perry's new sitcom coming out in September looks pretty funny.

    1. Ohhh, I love Pheoebe, too bad she isn't a huge actress, she's a really good actress. And Ooooh, I must look this up, I didn't know that.


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