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Monday, August 27, 2012

Paranormal Incident Movie Review

Paranormal Incident (2011)

Starring: Oliver Rayon, Amanda Barton, Derrek Scott

Summary: The infamous Odenbrook Sanitarium closed after a mass suicide occurred within its walls. Sixty years later, six college students armed with cameras and recording equipment venture into the asylum to prove the existence of the paranormal. Thrills turn into nightmares as members of the group go missing without a sound, cell phones mysteriously vanish, corridors turn into mazes, walls appear where doors once stood, flashlights fail and something or someone begins toying with the group. Days later, when five of the six friends turn up missing, the lone survivor must go through the recovered footage in order to clear his name and find out what happened to his friends.

My Thoughts: Stop. Stop. The whole Paranormal thing is overdone and has completely died out until I saw this movie. Yes, until. And I must say this movie wasn't absolutely scary, but it had a few scares. Not jumpy scares, but just legit terror. 

I mean the whole rescued-from-the-scene thing has been done, as in Fear Island, which I shall review soon. But seriously, the main character is captured and this hospital with all his friends dead. Weird, yes? Yes. They went to this abandoned mental hospital for a school project, and you just know bad shit is about to go down. Firstly, WHY THE HELL would you want to go to someplace like that?!?! I mean its abandoned for a reason. Leave it that way. And then I don't know why, but as you watch this footage, you see him LOCK the others in to scare them and "prove" ghosts are real. I really don't see the logic there. But he does and of course, he doesn't remember it.

You really do get sort of a depth into the characters, which is nice. But, seriously, they could've been a bit smarter. There was a man in the fucking sky, did they see it? No. 

What the fuck.

But the scary things don't happen until the end. And that end is full of terror. People are flying, screaming, dead bodies, voices. I screamed. My boyfriend screamed, it's not that scary though, I must repeat. And as well the ending, shocking, yet predictable. It left me with this whole: What did I just watch, kind of feelings. 

It did and so I would give this movie a: C+

And it is on Netflix if you have it, go watch, enjoy. Recommend movies. Horror specifically or romantic comedy. I love those, or just comedy. 
See you next time,

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