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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The Kahn Game Recap!

Hello there, people of the Internet.

I wanted to come to you and talk again about Pretty Little Liars last night. Like what? Yes, again. Because I have no life. That is why.

1. Cee Cee is back! Ali's mysterious friend, Cee Cee Drake is back, I sort of forgot about her, but she's here and I have a sneaking suspicion that she's not what she seems, even though she is super nice. She needs fake and has another agenda, but hmmmmm. Guess I'll have to wait.
2. Ezra is a daddy! No not what you think, not by Aria, but before he'd gotten this woman and basically just like how his mother tried to pay Aria off, she'd paid this woman off. *cough*bitch*cough* But I feel there's going to be some baby momma drama coming up.

3. Ezra's brother. I must say Ezra's brother is yummy! Eye candy alert! Wes, DEFINITELY, needs to come back and soon even though he looks more like Wren's brother more than Ezra's. And also, I feel he has the hots for Aria. Hmmmm, I want to see how that'd play out.

4. Spencer and Aria. I cannot believe I haven't noticed this before, but Aria and Spencer could totally wear the same clothes, well the same pieces, but they have two different styles. Plus, I love the special friendship that those two have, its cute.

5. Wren and Hanna. This episode made me sad because now Hanna wants nothing to do with him even since fucking CALEB came back, I hate Caleb and his stupid long hair and good looks. I hate him!!!!!

6. Caleb and Hanna.  So basically at the beginning of the episode, a blocked number sent Hanna a text to be outside some place called The Grill at closing time. Against Spencer's wishes, she went anyways. And it turns out Caleb sent the text to see why Hanna had been lying to him. Fuck you, Caleb. And so they end up making up and making out which made me a very unhappy girl.

7. More on Maya. Well, for one, we know now that Maya may been hanging out with Jenna and Noel Khan. NOT A GOOD THING. Also, Emily now knows about the website and has been looking through it and Paige, as sweet as she is, understands this and comforts her. I still feel Paige a tad shady. I do, don't know why, but somethings off about her.

8. Spencer. I love her, she's witty, ruthless and just an all around freaking genius. This week she really shone. I mean the jokes were funny between her and Aria's quality dress up time. And we saw how she was freaking out about college, which I enjoyed to see, their actual lives are catching up with them, everything doesn't revolve around A. During the round of truth or dare, I was on the edge of my seat, I mean, it was epic. She was amazing.

9.And lastly, Truth. I must say that is a well played truth or dare game and now Jenna has found out the Liars have the videos of Maya and is willing to give up info about the grave if the girls give up the videos. I wonder how this will play out.

Guess we'll find out more next week. This weeks wasn't as epic as last weeks, but it's going to be amazing.

See you with another recap next week,


  1. I just watched it! I think Ezra's brother is a hottie too! But they're starting to have too many hot boys and not enough girls to date/hook up with them. (I seriously think this show has the hottest guys of any show right now)

    I got the impression that the Maggie girl had an abortion, so I don't think there is an actual baby out there somewhere, but maybe I'm wrong??

    I'm pissed about Caleb too... Someone needs to be with Wren he's too damn sexy!! & I loved the truth game!! They should play that every week!! Oh and I also thought that the dressing scene w/ spencer and aria was adorable :)

    Sorry this was a long comment!

    1. I don't mind, at all! I don't know, I just think there may be some drama in the Maggie department. And yes! Wren needs someone, I mean he's barely in the show as it is! He needs someone while he's there!
      I know they should, if they did, things would get done faster! Yes, Aria and Spencer's friendship is adorable. That is true, Jason (who's went mia) has no one and then there's Wren. And that guy Aria use to hang out with Holden, and who knows whats going to happen with Wes.

    2. I know SO SO many hot guys and some of them are barely even on the show! I forgot all about Jason, he's definitely beautiful. With Emily liking girls there's really only 3 girls for all these guys (plus Jenna and Cee Cee and Crazy Mona who are all bad news). I'm ready for a new relationship to come about though... Caleb/Hannah, Spencer/Toby, Aria/Ezra have been going on a LONG TIME!

    3. I know what you mean, it cuts down the relationship factors. Oh and then there is Guy Maya! He was trying to get with Jenna and it seems as though they're recycling all the couples over and over. Especially Noel, he's been around the block with Mona and Jenna and didn't he date Aria?!
      They have, another love connection going on, I'd like to see how Wes and Aria would play out, but THAT'S not going to happen.


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