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Friday, August 31, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: The Lady Killer Recap

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This week has been a little hectic after starting school and such. Also, I've been drowned in homework. Blah:/

Well, this week also held the Pretty Little Liars summer finale. Amazing right? I hope you saw it because The BetrAyal was awe-some! Now I'm going to tell you about it. 

The beginning was a tad confusing, I didn't understand what was going on at first, everyone was crying and sad. I was like: What? Whaa...What? 

1. Emily Vs The Liars. This week Emily sort of put herself against her friends. She was basically on Paige's side through out the whole episode. So much tension between them because they were rummaging through Paige's bag. Creeepppps.

*Spencer and Paige's little "showdown" in the hallway was epic.

2. Mona. Basically, Mona's crazy self broke out of the Radley. How? She pretended to be a nurse. How she got to do that? I don't know. Mona rolled out like Ludacris! Shit!

3. Cee Cee and Lucas. Where were they through out this episode?!!? I don't know.

4. Spencer and Toby. Things got a little hot and heavy with these too and when I saw hot, I mean HOT! They were getting naked and kissing! I had to cover my eyes a bit. It was too much.

5. Aria and her Baby Momma Drama. Aria had recently went to see Ezra's baby momma where she worked at using a fake name an such. And then when said baby momma returns she's not looking to tell Ezra about his son, even though Aria would like so. Her line in the show: "I was "just" in the neighborhood." Awkward.

6. Toby's Back. As I stated above, Spencer and him got a tad hot and heavy yesterday. But  Toby's back, he's back, Yay!

7. Caleb. CALEB HAS A GUN! So run away, run awwaayy! Just kidding there, but I was like: Caleb, are you serious? Someone's dying tonight. I know it.

8. A can Talk? During this episode, A calls them a lot an uses this voice simulator to talk to them and I'm like: What The Fuck? When did this start happening?

9. Nate. Well, Nate fucking flipped, THAT'S NOT EVEN HIS REAL NAME FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. When he told Emily he was going to scare her, I was like: Punch him, just punch him.
She didn't.

10. Paige, Nate, Caleb and Emily. Basically, Nate was Maya's stalker from earlier episodes, that she mentione, not even A or A's helper.  I was like: 


Oh my gosh, what? Lindin? What? Por Que? He had Paige tied up and was going to kill her in order to be with Emily and shit. Cray. Like she'd want to be with you after you killed her girlfriend. Think, Lindin, THINK! That whole fight scene with Emily was epic, I was cheering her on the whole time. Kick HIS ASS, Emily. And she did, then Caleb busted in with his gun and fought him too, but then Lindin sort of picked up the gun and shot Caleb.

Yes, shot Caleb. This was everyone else in the world:


And then there's me:


I wasn't even shocked by that. What I was shocked about is the fact that...

11. A is....Toby.
When he turned around in that hoodie I was like....




Those were only SOME of the emotions I was feeling, I literally shook my house with my screams after I saw that. I had to rewind the episode just to make sure I was seeing everything alright. It was crazy.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I HAVE SEEN!?!? I'M DEAD. Well, I really have nothing to say about this other than, bye.

Happy Readings.


  1. Wow yes I had the same reaction... screaming and everything!! NOT TOBY!!! He is so sweet and then he turned around in that hoodie and looked so evil!!

    I did enjoy the sexy time in the episode (until they revealed Toby was A and it kind of ruined it).

    They never showed who shot Caleb, so you never know maybe Emily did by accident or something...

    And Mona getting out of that hospital was weak. Like they wouldn't notice a random 50's style nurse leaving and that the cray cray girl is missing?!?!? Kinda dumb.

    I don't want to wait til Halloween for more PLL :(

    1. Noooo, not Toby! And he did. I was like: IS THAT HIM? Is it really him? And yeah, after the sexy time I was like: TAKE IT BACK, TAKE THAT SEX BACK! And ooohhhh, good thought. Maybe!

      And yeah...We all knew it was coming, but, seriously, she's on maximum security lock down, but she walked out like it was nothing? What?

      I don't either, but I'll be a good little girl and wait.

  2. I kept on saying no no no nononononoooooo when I saw Toby! I nearly died!

    1. Yes! I was like: IT CAN'T BE, It really can't be so. I was preparing myself for it to be Ezra or someone else, but not TOBY!!! Even though it makes a whole lot of sense now.


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