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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Single Fright Female Recap

Hey and welcome to another day on my blog, well, this week has been hectic. I started my 2nd year of high school! Woot, woot. I mean, its been alright, but its been going by soooo slow and it gets tiring after a while. 
Well, I'm here with my recap of Tuesday's episode.

1. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. And we arrive again at Maggie, I knew we hadn't seen the last of her, but when we see her she's not what I expected her to look like, nor had that situation went how I thought either.

2. Aria meets Maggie. Well basically Aria made this crazy plan to get to see Maggie and she goes through with it, she meets her and finds out she didn't abort Ezra's baby, she's been raising him for her own. SHOCKER.

3. Emily tells all. Emily tells Paige about her and Nate (Guy Maya's actual name) and how they kissed. And, of course, she isn't fazed by this information, she saw already.

4. Paige is crazy. Okay, guys, Paige has officially lost it. I'm serious, she's gone crazy. Cece has told us all about her and Ali's little feud and she actually beat Ali, plus, Paige has been obsessed with Emily for a loooonnng time. She would do anything, maybe even murder, to get her. We learn a lot about Paige's violent history in this episode.

5. Hanna and the Flashdrive. Hanna's mother's boyfriend found the flash drive with videos A was taping of the girls and apparently Hanna's mother intends to bring it to the police. Until she watches it and finds herself on it. She ends up destroying the flash drive to save her and Hanna's reputation.

6. Spencer and Paige. Spencer now believes that Paige is A and hell, I DO TOO. Paige is a tad crazy. Not even a tad, she's just bat shit crazy. And even Jenna is warning Emily to be wary of her and I think that Paige locked her in that room with the snake.

Well, that is all with my recap of Tuesday's episode, sorry its so late, I just got back into school and things have been hectic. You know?

But I should be back to blogging regularly soon.
Happy Readings, 


  1. I'm suprised you had time to even do this with school starting!!

    You were right about Ezra having a kid out there!! And now Aria is a stalker and she didn't even tell him about the kid WTF??

    Last week I was convinced Paige was A, but now they're setting it up too much I feel like it's going to be someone unexpected. This week is the betrAyal, so maybe we'll find out??

    1. Me either, but I had some crunch time, so I decided to do my usual.

      Yes!! My hunch was right, I'm so happy, but then I'm just like: WHAT? WAHT?? WHUT?! WHAYYYY? lol. And yeah, I see what you're saying, like in the promo when Caleb said he was A last week. And I can't wait for tomrorrow!


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