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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Stolen Kisses Recap! Jane By Design: Season Finale Recap

Hey guys, well, I felt the need to post about something. SOMETHING! I've been bored here and now I shall talk about something mind blowing that I saw yesterday.

Pretty Little Liars


Jane By Design!

*Regular Show fist pump = WIN*

Here I shall state some key factors from last night's episode:

1. Ezra's mother has come into the show. I DO NOT like here whatsoever, she is very snobby and so high society. She should take out whatever pole she has up her ass, but the drama between her and Aria seemed so Monster-In-Law-esque. (Love that movie.)

2. Maya's website. The girls have discovered Maya's sort of blog/diary type website and of course it has a password. They try to break into it, but as you know, the point of a password is so people DON'T break into your personal things. Breaking a password only means one thing and that is that: CALEB'S BACK.

3. Hanna and Wren. Oh my gosh, I have been waiting so long for this too happen and it did.  This was me when that happened: 

Hopefully this little "hookup" lasts, because I LOVE THEM.

3. Paige and Emily. I didn't really enjoy all that Emily said about 'needing' someone because it was cliche, BUT I have been waiting for this since last season when Paige came into the picture. YES. YES. YES. But she misses a VERY IMPORTANT phone call.

4. The website. So they finally get into the website, thanks to Caleb, who I am really not happy with at the moment, but he's useful. And they start looking into whats on it. At first the website is so jumbled and cryptic that they don't know what to look for, but they come across something, but they want Emily to see it with them, but she's a bit preoccupied with Paige. DAMMIT EMILY!!!

5. I miss Toby, he's not in the episodes as much because Spencer keeps pissing him off because all he wants to do is help and she won't let him. I can see why, but you know, he's your boyfriend, Spence.

6.Paige. I find Paige to be a tad bit suspicious because we hadn't seen anything from her until Maya died. Hmmm, doesn't that seem weird and she'd do anything to get Emily, maybe even kill? Hmmmmmm. Plus she has all the opportunities to go A things because, seriously, we never really see her around.

7. Mona. I don't know whether to trust her or not considering she was working for A and as of last season A told her everything is going according to plan. A KNOWS ALL!!

8. Aria and Ezra. I don't know what to say on this matter really. They did seem a little too perfect and I'm glad there's more drama headed their way. Yes! But seriously, its just as much as Ezra's fault as it is Aria's. But Ezra is fucking RICH and we are now just knowing about this? What?

And Jane By Design

1. Billy and Jane! HOW CAN YOU NOT PICK JANE?!?!? Are you serious? What was that? What....What...No. And she looked so sad. I think I died a little.

2. Zoey and Billy. Zoey needs to go off somewhere, I do not like her whatsoever, and especially since she and Jane had that predicament last episode with the sleepovers.

3. India's Up To No Good. After everything that happened, I really don't understand how India could still want to take Gray down, I mean she offered you your job back, that's how you repay her!?!

4. Eli. Eli needs to get slapped. He is a jerk and he's going to sit there and judge Jane, but her SLEPT WITH INDIA. Are you serious right now, dude? Are you fucking kidding me? I liked you at first and now its like: 

5. Jeremy's Back. I'm sooo happy Jeremy is back and even though he is a liar, he's so adorable. That accent gets me every time. And I love his and Jane's friendship. Its really sweet how they are friends without the love connection.

6. India and Jeremy. I missed them, I must say. When India is a evil snake, she's sweet.

7. Gray is in the building!
Gray came to see the play with ELI. Urg, I dislike him so much, but who knows what will happen. I think the problem can be solved very easily, but who knows what will happen?

Well that is all on two of my favorite tv shows. 
Hope you enjoy.
Happy Readings,


  1. I love PLL!!! Im obsessed with the show I think its awesome! I don't know how I feel about Wren and Hanna. I feel like I liked him and Spencer together but I also LOVE Toby so it's weird.

    1. I know exactly how you feel. At first I was like..Hmmm, I don't know about Wren and Hanna because of Wren's thing with Spence, but they grew on me after a while.

    2. Anything that keeps Wren character on the show I am for because the guy who plays him is beautiful!! And I love the accent! Do you watch The Lying Game?? It's my 2nd fav ABCFamily show... it's really good too!

    3. OH YES! I love The Lying Game, its really good! The season finale killed me. I was like :OOOOO during the whole episode! And he is! That accent makes me swoon.


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