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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: What Lies Beneath Recap!

Hello, people of the Internet.

I'm here again with my thoughts and my recap of Pretty Little Liars. If you aren't okay with Pretty Little Liars, I'm afraid you must die. Just kidding, but it is a phenomenal show I highly recommend it. If you have Netflix, its also on there for you to watch.

But enough rambling.

1. Noel Khan. Noel been a reoccurring character in the show and now he's back for a while. He knows what the liars up to and I think he's trying to help them, but by proving his innocence, but who knows what his plan is. I still find him SUSPICIOUS! He knows more than he lets on and also, Noel was one of the people who saw Maya on the day of her death.

2. Maya and the tape. A blocked number sent Spencer video footage of Noel Khan's cabin the night Maya died and Spencer, using her trusty dusty Ipad looks up the time of Maya's supposed death and sees that it is near her time, while watching this tape we see Jenna and Noel enter the cabin with Maya, but Maya comes out! And an unknown figure snatches her. Woah, woah!

3. Emily and Hanna. Emily and Hanna had a little friendship bondage during this episode, but its not in the way you'd think, they get locked in Noel Khan's cabin by the all knowing A. Horrible, right, but don't worry they get out alright, but Hanna is hurt.

4. Wren and Hanna. Yes, I am still obsessing over them! I love them and want them to be together. I mean he wants to be with her, but she completely snubs him. Why? OVER FREAKING CALEB. Ugh.

5. Emily and Guy Maya.
I do not know his name, nor, do I exactly care for him, but he's starting to get a little more interesting, and for that, I may try to remember his name.  But Emily and him get a little hot and heavy after he starts crying over Maya. I was like: 


And then of course, PAIGE comes though.

6.Paige. Paige...Paige...Paige. Well first off, I do NOT trust her, plus, she's fucking crazy! I swear to you she probably had something to do with Maya. I swear to you. And also, she saw Emily kiss Guy Maya and I know someone's pissed. She flipped over a garbage can, yeah, she's pissed.

Sorry this is coming in so late.
But anyways, happy readings.


  1. After this episode I swear Paige is A. Emily always got everything the worst, with the steroid stuff, having to breaking up with that college girl, and now Maya. I think Paige is a crazy stalker for sure!

    Lol- Guy Maya!! I can't remember his name either!!! Hmmm... nope can't do it! But they made out and I was like wait she likes girls??

    Wren= Love of my life!

    I like your weekly updates, theyre cute!

    1. I agree, if Paige is not the betrayer or A, I wouldn't know what to think anymore. I think so too, she's nuts.

      Lol. I need to find his name out especially now that him and Emily just kissed! I was like what? What?

      I love Wren as well.

      THANKS SO MUCH, you don't know how amazing this makes me feel.


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