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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Innkeepers Movie Review (HAPPY HALLOWEEN)

The Innkeepers

Starring: Sara Paxton, Pat Healy, and Kelly McGillis
I Give This Movie A: D

Summary: During the final days at the Yankee Pedlar Inn, two employees determined to reveal the hotel's haunted past begin to experience disturbing events as old guests check in for a stay.

My Thoughts:
I really wanted to like this movie. I really wanted to. When I saw the trailer, I was like: I MUST SEE THIS NOW! But I was a year late for theaters and I wasn't buying it on DVD and you'll see why as you read.. So when the movie finally came on Netflix, I was flailing all over the place like: YES, THE MOVIE IS IN. I'm going to watch it and my life shall be complete. And I watched it and it left me like this: 


I made this GIF bigger, just so you could see it. This movie is complete shit and its not really about ghosts at all, until the end, which is stupid. Before I begin, the only reason it gets a D and not an F is because of Sara Paxton, who I love. So let me rant on about this crap fest. I felt the need to post a scary movie trailer for you guys, too because Halloween is kind of tomorrow.  And again, this movie has Sara's character and Pat's characters, who's name I did not care enough to remember, working at a hotel and in their free time they look for a ghostly spirit. And you know, something is going to happen. I'm expecting jump scares, a little ghost faces, I get shit. I get a nightmare and a couple of creaks in the night. The whole beginning AND middle of the movie is about their job and how much it basically sucks.

I did not want to see that. I wanted to see horror. I did not get horror. I got crap. So, they continue to work and every once in a while I get a scare, but I'm not scared by this. I'm sitting here playing Angry Birds on my phone waiting for the movie to be over, but there's more. I notice she has asthma, Sara's character. BTW, her name is Claire. And then I sit for another hour and am stuck in this horrible story and so when they actually really start encountering ghosts, its not scary, not terrifying. I feel nothing for anyone. They could all die, except Sara, and I'd be like:


So, I'm still watching and the ending is unexpected. Very. Very. And although it saddened me, it made the movie much better. The shocking-ness of THAT, made this movie better. It had much more action in it and that kept me entertained. That's what I was looking for. At first, it was very cliche, but the very last few minutes of the movie were so raw and so unexpected it made the movie for me, that's also why this movie doesn't get a F. So there's my review.

Happy Readings,

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