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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

American Horror Story: I Am Anne Frank P1 Recap

I don't know, but I felt the need to post about this tonight since I haven't posted in a while and plus, I was up. I mean, I feel I should be recapping this show now because it's my all time favorite show out there. Sorry, my PLL readers. But American Horror Story has it beat.

So here we go.

1. Grace.
Grace's backstory is released. We know now why she was sent to Brairwood, she was accused by her sister of murdering her father and stepmother. 

2. New Inmate
We got a new inmate in Briarwood and she's kind of a big deal. After a brawl at a bar, she is sentenced here. The one and only, Anne Frank. When I saw her, I was like: 

WHO THINKS OF THIS SHIT? Anne Frank? This is some sort of history mind fuck. What? And then the woman is telling everyone she is Anne Frank, but is she? I believe so. Her story is not indecent, SISTER JUDE! Its amazing, I don't know what to believe though. She also has the numbers tattooed on her arm! That's pretty believable! And she seems to remember Dr.Arden from Auschwitz.

3. Dr. Thredsen.
I like his character. I really do, but he takes things to an extreme. I almost cried watching Kit beat Alma, I love their love to death. Too bad she's dead. WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? He offers Lana therapy to get her released, but she declines and tells him homosexuality cannot be cured. BECAUSE ITS NOT A DISEASE. Later, she has a vision and goes to him to get therapy.

4. Kit and Grace.
So Kit and Grace's relationship gets taken to the next level. 
And so I must warn you, DO NOT EAT THE FOOD THERE. It was nice and all, but I really like him and Alma, as I stated before. As Sister Jude says, " You're drawn together like the serpent and the snake." ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE A LITTLE MURDER BABY. I found that so funny.

5. Dr. Arden
The police come to investigate Brairwood.
But they come and tell that they're coming to investigate a prostitution charge against Dr. Arden and so, they hold both Dr. Arden and Sister Jude and tell him what she saw that day the prostitute was in his room, which he denies. BUT WE ALL KNOW SHE WAS THERE.
I died when they said Nazi memorabilia and Sister Jude was like: 

6. Therapy
So Lana begins her therapy to change her homosexual ways. They first try aversion therapy in which they show a picture of her lover and Dr. Thredsen injects her with something to make her throw up. CRAZY. And then he brings in another patient, a male. He tells Lana to touch herself while staring at the naked patient, which is all but awkward. Butts, butts, everywhere! It doesn't work, but there's always tomorrow.

7. The Truth.
As you've read above, Grace said she was framed by her sister. And so, it is revealed that her stepfather use to sexually abuse her and that is what drove her to also murder her family. Another reason, it being, her horses were sold, after, she had no outlet to her sexual abuse anymore and she snapped.

8. Anne Goes Nuts.
Anne Frank then confronts Dr. Arden for a confession. He then tries to capture her, but she  shoots him in the leg and demands his keys, which he gives to her. Shelley is then reveled to be this devilish, digusting and just horrible. She begs Anne to kill her and the episode ends.

THIS SHOW IS NUTS! NUTS I TELL YOU. And I love it! I'm also seriously thinking about changing my ringtone to that song played in the common room. Its so weird and crazy. I recommend a watch. Good night guys.

Happy Readings,

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