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Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites


Woah, Woah, Woah!

So welcome to my first favorites video and I've been watching a lot of beauty gurus and other Youtubers do this, but for lack of a camera, I'm going to blog this and make it my own. I think I've seen Alea from Pop Culture Junkie do this, but I do not know. So I just linked her blog in case. Its right up there.

So the purpose of this video is for me to show you my favorite things in the month of September and that would be just book wise, tv wise and movie wise. Yes!

So come along with me and we shall talk about things such as this. Its a few days into November, the end of October and so I really hate the fall time because of the fall, but love it because NEW FALL TELEVISION and also, Christmas is coming soon. I really wanted to have this up yesterday night, but I went to Homecoming j

So here we go.

1. American Horror Story: Season 2
Season Two premiered the 18 of October and epic it was. It had NOTHING to do with season one except recycled actors, who aren't the same people from last season. Its weird, so if you didn't watch the first season, don't be afraid, it has nothing to do with the first season, so new people can get American Horror Story fever, but beware it is scary at times. A lot of sex is involved so if you aren't one for sex, don't watch, I'm warning you.

2. Heavy Rain
Heavy Rain is a video game, but it is seriously one of the best games I have ever played, I mean ever. I kid you not. Its an action physiological thriller. You play was 4 different characters, all in search of the Origami Killer each with their own personal agendas. It has great characters, a great plot line and dialouge, its amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone with a Playstation 3, that's the only gaming platform it is on. Sorry X-Box users.

I told you that I loved Nashville, I wrote a little review on it earlier on in my blog and also I must mention its really getting good. Many of the episodes that are on there are on demand depending on your cable provider. So go watch if you enjoy drama and music. Its mainly about country music and I'm not talking about Taylor Swift. Even if you don't like country music you will after this show. 

4. Extreme Cheapskates
My friend actually introduced me to this show and it is crazy, when I say crazy, I mean CRAZY! Its about these people who are obsessed with saving money and do the oddest things to do so. I mean these things involve dumpster diving for food, even only flushing your toilet one day a week. Its so crazy.

Those are all my favorites this month, guys. 

Happy Readings,

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