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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankskilling Movie Review (HAPPY THANKSGIVING)

ThanksKilling Poster

ThanksKilling (2009)
Starring: Lance Predmore, Ryan E. Francis, Lindsay Anderson
I Give This Movie A: D-

Summary: A homicidal turkey axes off college kids during Thanksgiving break.

My Thoughts:
A homicidal turkey.

A homicidal turkey...



What is wrong with the world that we subject ourselves to making movies about homicidal turkies? Well, well. Scary? Was this scary?? NO!!! Hell no. Funny? Somewhat. The jokes were so stupid and so corny it was so funny. My friend and I watched this movie out of pure boredom and we were cracking up the whole time. We were laughing at how bad this movie is and I don't know if you were suppose to. If you were, this movie is pure genius, if not, if they were serious, then I will look down upon the directors of this movie.

Well, these kids are out for Thanksgiving break and I must say, WHO PARTIES FOR THANKSGIVING? Tell me, who does that shit. These kids are pumped for Thanksgiving break to drink and party and do drugs. etc. etc. and it sooo stupid, but its funny. This movie is a giant facepalm. So if you enjoy that kind of movie, this one's for you. The acting, horrible. I mean, I don't know but they seemed like actors for a kindergarten TV show. They are just horrible, usually there's one good actor/actress. This movie held none. And as the DVD case says, there are boobs in the first second. Why is it relevant to the fact there is a homicidal turkey on the loose? I don't know. Why can't the woman pull her shirt up and run? I don't know. 

So my friend and I ending up watching the whole thing regardless on how stupid it was, I don't know think it was intended to be scary, so that's why it doesn't get a F. It did keep us entertained, that's why it gets a D. I don't really like gory movies, but this one is REALLY gory, but I just put my fingers over my face when it was too much. I mean it really takes it over the edge for NO REASON. No reason at all.

So there's my movie review, I decided since its  "Thanksgiving" related, I'd post it today, even though I saw it like a week ago. Its memorable I'll say that. Memorable as the worst movie ever. I'm still telling my friends about how bad it is and my friend I saw it with, we're randomly saying lines from the movie. So, its on Netflix, watch it if you're bored or something.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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