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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Revenge Winter FInale Recap "Revelations"

The first scene of Revenge started off with a BANG! Literally. Victoria is a great shot. Or so it seems. Revenge started off with that bang and it kept bringing it. OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Shock after shock. I'm surprised I didn't have a heart attack. It was insane so let's break it down.

1. Daniel Plays Dirty
Well, well Daniel has been trying to nab Nolan's company for a while now and he finally got it. Remember Nolan's former CFO and lover, Marco? He makes a miraculous appearance and starts talking about the missing 50 million dollar account and forces Nolan to work for him, which he abides by to save himself and Emily. He's really starting to become a Grayson and I hate it. I really liked his character before he became all money and power hungry. FUCKING GRAYSONS! Urg. Revenge.

2. Ashley's Fall.
Ashley....why? What? What? I don't know what to think about this. Ashley slept with...with Conrad. How can you sleep with his dad, and then....with his son?!? What?


Why...WHAT!?? I have nothing to say on this, but WHAT THE FUCK!?! And so when Victoria finds out this "unsettling" information, she flips. As usual. And then, Conrad convinces her to turn against Daniel. I kind of hate Conrad, you know. I just constantly want to punch him in the face. FALCON PUNCH. I really do wish he'd get killed off, but I know that's not happening.

Instead, she's using Ashley as a ploy in her and Conrad's little scheme. Which crumbles and then Ashley is found out to be the little whore she is by Daniel and I think you know what happens afterwards.

3. Aiden and Emily.
I don't know what they are, but its WONDERFUL. ITS AMAZING. AND I LOVE IT. 


When they kissed, my heart fluttered inside my tummy and did flips. It was beautiful. I had been waiting for this to happen for a while now. But Daniel fired Aiden which WAS NOT COOL. He probably only did that because he's jealous of THEEIIIIIIIRR LOOVVEEEE.

4. Jack's Dilemma.
We saw a while ago that Declan had gotten screwed over in a theft and that man had come into his and Jack's life to initially screw them over. Nate and Kenny are so fucking creepy. They appear out of no where, its scary. I do not like them. Mat Duncan seems cool, but I don't like those to dudes. They are scary.  Scary men. And they killed Mat. It was horrible. I liked him and they killed him. FAWWWK.

5. Emily
We indulge more into Emily's character and I noticed as she watches Jack and Amanda, she's a tad jealous. Its sad that this whole Revenge thing has taken over her whole life. But Amanda's right. When will enough be enough for Emily Thorne?  We may not know, but I wish the best for her. I love her too much to not let anything happen to her.

I can feel a showdown between some people starting to come. I don't know what and when, but something is going to happen and its not going to be pretty. And also, Daniel is in some heavy trouble. Victoria is getting involved with Emily again and the episode ends with that twist. Revenge is going to come back with a bang, one I definitely cannot wait for.

Happy Readings,

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