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Monday, January 28, 2013

Playing House Movie Review

Playing House (2010)
Starring: Shelley Calene-Black, Alex Dorman and Mari E. Ferguson
Summary: In this taut thriller, newlyweds Jen and Mitch find that three's company and four's a crowd when they ask their friend Danny to move in with them to share expenses...
I Give This Movie A: F+

My Thoughts: 
Playing House, what to say about this movie? This movie was FUCKED UP. And not in the weird, depressing, messed up, disgusting kind of fucked up. The horrible acting, the fake fake blood, and the shitty plot line was what was FUCKED UP about this movie. I kid you not , it sucked and the only reason it got that plus was the fact that it kept me entertained. The fact that I was entertained and actually interested in the movie. 

Have you ever watched a movie that made you want to bash your head in? You don't find out WHY she's crazy, what she's doing this for. SHE'S JUST NUTS APPARENTLY  This was it. I didn't even think to notice the 1 star rating on Netflix. I just clicked play and ultimately, I paid for it. There are so many plot holes in this story, you don't even want to understand it, you're just watching it to watch it. I watched this movie at the crack of dawn and I don't even know how I didn't fall asleep. It was action packed, but thriller? 


Just a badly made horror movie that left you with many questions and not the good ones, the main one being: Why the fuck did I watch this movie?

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