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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Misery Loves Company Recap

Spencer gets thinking.

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, the girls do dumb shit in which it gets them into issues and Aria finds out her dad's a lying scumbag.

So. OMG.


And OMG.

Tonight's episode was full of shockers. I kid you not, I almost had a heart attack. 

Aria's sick. As usual and woopsie-doo, looks like Meredith is taking care of her, so sweet. Or you'd think it was. Until....DUN DUN DUN. Things take a turn for the worst because OF COURSE, nothing is sweet in Rosewood. Aria knows something is up, but instead, she's going to be strong like,"Danger?!?! Hah! Danger is my middle name. I'll be okay." when shes's living with her father who may or may not have just murdered her best friend, but you know.

Its Rosewood, nothing is too dangerous.

Hooded Toby and Mona are making out plans and so Mona says, "She's calling the shots." SHE??!? Who is she?? Hanna's Mom, Paige?!!? Kate!??! SUTTON MERCER!?!?! So many questions left unanswered, but remember...This is Rosewood. That's the usual.

Toby randomly shows up at Emily's house, which is weird because when is the last time he's hung out with Emily!? A long as time. And they chat, but we all know he's trying to gain information for the "A-team" with their unknown amount of members. Meredith is also coming to to check on Aria as she is sick. AWWWW.

No, no, no! No aww's. And so Aria falls asleep while Meredith is talking and then you see Meredith tell Ella to call Aria, and she does. We hear the ringing coming from Meredith's purse. WHAT? WHAT? YOU SAY. IT CAN'T BE.


Meredith stole Aria's phone, but c'mon Aria, PUT A DAMN LOCK ON YOUR PHONE! #INSERTSHOCKHERE 
Something is going on here.

Hanna then gets tormented by A, *snore* while she has Emily semi-stalk Caleb who is seen talking to Paige. WHAT? LE-GASP! And more shocks include that their trying to help their girlfriends in this mystery.

Meredith does some more sneaking around in Aria's room and then she stabs Aria in the face. 

It's just ALI. Ali? Wait, Ali, you say? I am not kidding. It is Ali in the flesh. Maybe she didn't die. Hmm? The world may never know. She then tells Aria the truth about her blackmailing her dad and then Aria wakes up to realize she's locked in her room.


So Meredith is evil, but WAIT, there's more. Hanna and Emily see Meredith go into the pharmacy to buy drugs and not just the horrible, life killing drugs, sleeping drugs. WHICH SHE'S BEEN DRUGGING ARIA WITH. And so they try to call Aria, but her phone, obviously, goes straight to voicemail.

Aria wakes up AGAIN to find Meredith standing above her. Creepy, much? And so Aria runs aaannnndddd Meredith knocks her out. Good job Aria. Meanwhile, Ezra is no where to be found. Perfect. Hanna and Emily then show up at the house and Meredith goes at it again. She then locks then in the basement with Aria's corpse-like body. Good job girls! 


Go back to Spencer and Hooded Toby shows up at her house, while she's been planning this "surprise dinner for him." And then BAM! He turns around hooded and Spencer then decides to slap him. Yes, she slaps him. And yes, it's a wimpy as it sounds.

Aria then burns the pages of the diary and believes Byron didn't kill Ali because he explains everything and tries to go to the police, which he doesn't end up doing and surprisingly Meredith is GONE.

Wow. Wow. 

Then Spencer goes Overly Depressed Mode and cries outside Toby's house, not knowing Mona is inside having dinner with herself like a madwoman. But she is a madwoman. 

And that's all. Goodnight, this has been a boatload of info and I'm tired.
Happy Readings,


  1. This episode was hectic!!!!
    Poor Spencer! I hope she kicks his ass tho :)

    1. I do too. I was waiting for it when she found out, BUT IT NEVER CAME! URGGG. DARN IT ABC FAMILY


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