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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Mona Mania Recap

Tonight's episode was thrilling, not as thrilling as past seasons, but thrilling as in, pick my jaw off the floor because it has DROPPED. It opens up with the girls going into the basement into Harold's office. If you don't remember, Harold being the old creepy man at the inn where little Miss Mona was hatching her evil plans. They end up meeting someone masked who, YET AGAIN, gets away and a journal in the corner. All of Harold's things are gone, like he was never there and in the journal, we have a little note from our friend A stating:

"Keep Moving Ladies, Nothing to See Here."

Everything is gone. Woah! And also, Aria's dad is looking a little suspicious. Just a little... well maybe a lot. He and her are a little tense after he basically accused Aria and the girls of trying to SET MEREDITH ON FIRE!

I mean, Really Byron? Really?


And so the next day the ladies are at school and Mona comes up to them overhearing their conversation talking about how Harold has been stalking her.


Seriously Mona, we all know not to trust you. WE ALL KNOW. YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED. MONAA GET AWAY! I mean she's a good actress and all, but her character is crazy. Seriously crazy, I don't know HOW she got out of Radley, but she needs to go back in, WITH A STRAIGHT JACKET SO SHE CAN'T GET OUT. Seriously? How are you having MENTAL PATIENTS break out of the freaking mental asylum?!?!?



Then Hanna stops Lucas in the hallway, looks like she knows how the mysterious basement prowler is. And it's Lucas. Am I surprised? No, but I wasn't expecting it to be Lucas. He says they aren't safe. 


Not with Mona crawling all around the place!
And we find out Lucas was the one who locked Meredith in the shed, BUT he was aiming for Mona. Shocker, yes, but I could see something like this coming. And we have another psycho in Rosewood.


Notice my sarcasm. Aria and Paige, BLAH! are also going to a party and we notice, well I notice, that Paige is basically trying to avoid Emily and I think, Oh no there's a breakup coming, but no, no Paige is just scared. You'd think she would be all tough and strong, but no. She's not. But hey, this is mainly because I don't particularly like Paige. And we find out Aria's father does NOT have an alibi for Ali's murder. Aria's mother states that they came home early and he brought out the wine and her, obviously, getting drunk put her to sleep and so he could have been anywhere. Like sleeping with Meredith, or sleeping Ali or beating Ali with a hockey stick, you never know!


And at the debate club team, we meet a new member. MONA! Isn't that great!?!?


And then she starts baiting Spencer. And it makes me so mad! The club secretary, Andrew, ( Do I sense the books men making their entrance? Because I want ANDREW AND SPENCER TOGETHER. TOBY SUCKS! ) tells her about Mona joining and how she had been campaigning to run for Club President! Weeeee! Of course we all want a psycho to be running for President and they receive a tie in the votes. OF COURSE!!! And so they must have a "quiz off." In which, Spencer starts off winning, question after question until Mona defeats her. She played it off like she was so innocent and stupid, playing Spencer the whole time. I knew she'd win, but not so easily. SPENCER, YOU'RE SLIPPING. YOU'RE SLIPPING.
But before this, Hanna has a word with Mona which let's just say, makes her run off and cry.

Meanwhile, Aria has suspicions that her dad had something to do Ali's murder and so when he wants to get the pages from Ali's journal from her hiding place, Bryon walks in. He asks them if they've lost something. OBVIOUSLY BYRON. YES!
And so then he explains to Aria that as she was a child, she'd hide her Halloween candy from Mike in her boot, which is the hiding place for the pages. And then we all know, he knows.

Hanna visits Lucas and we find out he is leaving Rosewood because he feels that will make him safe. Well, it made Jenna safe since Garret is dead and all. He also tells about how he was working for Mona and how about now that she's blackmailing him because he sold test answers. Back at Aria's, she hears Meredith and her father yelling about him being in her room and she comes out after Meredith leaves and her father shoos her back in her room and promptly closes the door. 


Back to Paige and Emily, and they're going to the party and Paige has a panic attack. She's been high strung over everything that happened with Maya's stalker and Garret's death. She'd been trying to hide it, obviously not good enough, but she didn't want Emily to know. They then begin to walk which is interrupted by a flat tire when they come back to their car, then Emily noticed a black hoodie who is presumed to be A, at the moment it is  Toby, and she chases him. The chase is in vain because they do not capture him.

Aria confronts Meredith and Meredith explains that she caught Byron in her room. When Meredith walked in on Byron looking through Aria's stuff and that weeks before he'd been looking through Meredith's purse, thinking it was Aria's. 



She tells her she found the journal pages and that she read them. She knew Ali was blackmailing Byron and that he came to visit Meredith that night after Ella had went to sleep after he had her knocked out with alcohol! Aparently he though Meredith was blackmailing him, but when she denied it, he went to find Ali.
Aria and Meredith end up having a moment and they bond for a second. Back at their house, Byron wants to speak with Meredith and apologizes to Aria. Later, Meredith comes back because Aria is sick and offers her tea. AWWW!

Then offers to take the pages back so her father doesn't find them in her room again. Aria says its fine and then Meredith leaves.

Finally, Byron is seen packing up some papers and leaves, a hooded figure we all know as A, who is Mona at this point comes and is talking on the phone with someone, then you hear her say she's going to follow them.

We are then left with ANOTHER hooded figure leaving masks at the train track. Hmmmm.

So what did you think of this weeks episode?

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