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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno Recap

On another exciting episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer flips out and becoming a stuck up walking zombie, Hanna gets arrested, but that's not new, Emily gets a short story just to make her interesting and Aria....Well, like I said last week. Everything bad happens to Aria. 

So let's get into detail, my friends. Lots of excited things have happened this episode. 

1. Notes, notes and more notes. We take a night down memory lane because someone decides to send Emily a box of old cards and letters and such from Ali. A mysterious "Beach Hottie" is mentioned and Emily tries to track him down with her bloodhound ways, but she thinks this boy is Toby. Woah.

2. Ezra's baby? Well Aria had her doubts about telling Ezra about his baby, but it looks like Spencer will spill the beans instead. It looks like A sent Spencer a text to make it seem  like Ezra already knew about how much Aria sucks at being a girlfriend.

3. Ali's Pregnant? In other news, ALI'S PREGNANT. Or she thought she was. Apparently, she thought it enough to tell CeeCee that she was. But if she was pregnant, wouldn't it have shown up on the autopsy? Or maybe a certain cop destroyed the evidence. That cop being DARREN!!!

4. Darren Wilden is BACK! What.The.Fuck. I don't know where he came from? What made him suddenly show up, but he's back. But why?

5. Spencer, Spencer, Spencer. After crying years and years over Toby, and after the many many tubes of mascara Spencer finally tries to get herself together. Although she expects Aria to obviously be pissed over the fact she spilled the beans about Ezra's baby, she isn't. But instead Spencer carries on in her blood sucking ways and lashes out at Aria.

6. Ezria over? The title should say enough as it is. I don't know what it is, but I think so. The world may never know at least not until next Tuesday. 

7. Hanna and the lesbian bar. Hanna has another run in with the police. She is basically non existent in the show and so they gave her a story line! Yay, I guess. But with the usual sarcasm and such, she begins a hunt in which she starts hunting down Paige. Which brings her to a lesbian bar. Don't ask questions, but watch. 

8. Toby as Eminem.  I have nothing to say about this, but...


He looked like a kid dressed up like Eminem for Halloween. And also Ali seemed to have visit him in juvie. Why? I don't know. 

Happy TV Watchings,


  1. LOL I laughed so hard when they showed Toby in juvie!!! WTF seriously!!! And IDK if you watched this past week... but I got the feeling that Wren and Spencer might hook up in the future!! I've been dying for them to give Wren another love interest! And Ezra's little bro (who is way hotter than Ezra IMO) and Aria may be getting together and I LOVE IT!!

    1. Yessss! I really want them, too. Even though I kind of want her and Andrew to get together.


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