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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Texas Chainsaw 3D Movie Review (IN THEATRES NOW)

Texas Chainsaw 3D (2012)
Starring: Alexandra Daddario, Trey Songz, Tanio Raymonde, Thom Barry
Summary: The story centers on Heather, who discovers that she was adopted after learning of an inheritance from a long-lost grandmother. She subsequently takes a road trip with her friends to collect the inheritance, unaware that it includes her cousin, Leatherface, as well.

My Thoughts: Let me start off by saying, this is the first movie of 2013 that I saw! Woo!


Was it worth it? I don't think so. 

I haven't seen the original, but knowing how horror movies are now a days, I didn't need to. It's not a good movie, but before I go into detail, I'm just saying, its a horrible movie. But it did have its good moments. 

It started off with a scene from another one of the movies. I looked on Wikipedia and this is the 7th movie in the series. And I noticed this basically skips all the other movies and is set right after the first one. I found that interesting, even though I haven't seen the first one. I like horror, but you don't have to be a horror fanatic to see this movie. I feel that in the plot, this movie could have been good.

I mean, it really could have! The plot was interesting with the town and the way everything went down and Leatherface's character. I like that the evil was with the town, not with Leatherface even though he was murdering people. I mean, murdering people is bad! VERY BAD, but Leatherface has a mental disease. He's sick, but this town is evil. Not him. And I found that take on this franchise interesting because now a days you don't see that. You just see an evil person running around murdering people. 

But as usual in horror movies, they have the main girl, the slutty best friend, the cheating boyfriend and other characters who you really didn't give a shit about. You have many of the characters half naked, you also have the stupid people falling down the fucking stairs. 

Oh my god, that was horrible.

And then the ending, the ending made everything great. The ending when you were rooting for Leatherface, you were just like, WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN. Even though you already know and the dialouge during this scene. 

Horrific. Just. No.

I wanted to take a nap.

And so those are my thoughts on Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Happy Movie Watchings,


  1. You are brave. There is something so scary about this that I can not even watch the commercials. Yikes. I used to love this sort of stuff. I don't know what changed.

    1. I thought it would be scary, but it's more gory than scary and not that gory, just a lot of blood and cutting of people.

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