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Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Is 40 Movie Review (In Theatres Now I Think?)

This Is 40 (2012)
Starring: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Megan Fox, Jason Segal, Melissa McCarthy and Charlyne 

Summary:The film continues to follow the lives of middle-aged married couple Pete and Debbie, as they both deal with turning 40, with each of their jobs and their children Sadie and Charlotte adding stress to their relationship.
I Give This Movie A: B-

My Thoughts: Well, I saw this movie a while ago, around Christmas time when it first released, but I haven't been able to review it properly since I've been so busy, but here I am reviewing it. Knocked Up was excellent. I mean brilliant and there's something about that movie, I really enjoyed and I've see it many times since the E Network keeps playing it and so here is This is 40, the sort of sequel to it.

Judd Apatow's work is everywhere, from this to Funny People to The 40 Year Old Virgin to Girls, which I love. Its not one of his best works, but it's still good. And I find him really funny and I find just about all his movies hilarious. And This is 40 did not disappoint for me. It does have its downs because overall you're thinking, What is the point? You're thinking what's the point of this movie. There really isn't a point to this movie, its just one of those feel good movies, I guess.

The two main characters, Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, are an older married couple who're just trying to make things work. The question on whether they are meant to be or not still needs to be answered. And they fight and bicker over a lot of things, a lot unneccesary, but they still fight like a real normal married couple. Its real. Its very realistic. Like when Leslie Mann's character pretends to be 38, yet she is actually turning 40, hence the movie title. 

The actors in this movie were hilarious, I mean really freaking hilarious. And who doesn't love a movie with Leslie Mann, she's wonderful. It has a whole gang of people and its not like Valentine's Day when there are lots of people with lots of different stories going on. Its a good movie with lots of good actors, like Megan Fox, Lena Dunham and even Melissa McCarthy. Even though I'd really have like to seen Katherine Heigl in it. 

The daughters of this movie, I really enjoyed. They will go far in the acting world if that's what they choose to do. They are actually sisters in real life and Leslie Mann is their real life mother. I could kind of sense that while watching this. 

Its the kind of movie you'll go see just to have a few laughs and that's all. When I saw the trailer I thought I'd see a heartwarming, funny, down-to-earth comedy. It wasn't that heartwarming, its was just funny and down-to-earth, it wasn't  the kind that was trying to hard.

Well, Happy Movie Watching,


  1. I really liked this movie! Oh and I totally agree that they weren't trying to hard to be funny.

    1. Yes, I did too. I hate movies, like that and I feel a lot are like that now


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