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Saturday, February 9, 2013

ARC Review: You Know What You Have To Do by Bonnie Shimko

You Know What You Have to Do

You Know What You Have To Do

Release Date: March 26, 2013 By Amazons Children Publishing
Page Numbers: 240 pages
Source: Publisher (Via Netgalley)
Format: E-Arc
Cover Love: Its creepy, not not really eye appealing to me. 

Summary: This quirky, appealing YA novel turns formulaic teen fiction on its head as funny, feisty fifteen year-old Mary-Magdalene Feigenbaum (otherwise known as Maggie) suddenly faces more than the usual typical YA concerns: a voice in her head that is telling her to kill people. Not just anyone—each time the target is someone who has done something terrible to a person Maggie cares for. You know what you have to do, the voice commands. Maggie struggles to resist, but the voice is relentless.

With rising suspense, this story of psychological horror introduces a narrator whose own unique voice and irreverent humor are unforgettable—an unlikely hero fighting a desperate battle against incomprehensible evil.

My Thoughts: Oh god, I haven't reviewed an ARC in forever. This book is a way new take on YA. I mean I've never had this kind of experience with YA before. It was intense like an adult thriller, but still had that snarky feisty YA appeal in our main character. Who happens to be a little bit crazy, or maybe a lot of crazy. The kind of crazy in which you should be stuck somewhere in a mental hospital, but, unfortunately, she isn't. But Maggie, she's a great main character, crazy or not. I loved her. She was funny, so down-to-earth and an overrall great character, but I felt we should have got more into her character.

I mean, we took a dive into her mind, but I felt we needed something...deeper. But I loved the writing, trust me. Its fantastic. I wasn't expecting that great of a book, but this book wowed me.

Plus it's fast paced, so this was me during the whole book:

I'm reading..

Another thing I enjoyed was that the character was on her period. I mean, IT SUCKS. But it also was interesting because YOU NEVER SEE IT IN BOOKS. Please, name me books in which the character is on her period, I have never read that in a book.

This could have gone so many ways, but it went in the right direction. And it leaves you thinking after you've finished the book. That IS what a great book is about.

Happy Readings,


  1. Hi Kandee,

    I was narcissistically Googling myself and found your review. I'm glad you like the book, and the adorable "reading" baby made me laugh out loud.

    Best wishes,
    Bonnie Shimko

    1. We all have those days. ;D
      And thanks for commenting, it means a lot.


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