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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Movie Review: Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia

Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)
Abigail Spencer, Chad Michael Murray, Kate Sackhoff and Emily Alyn Lind
Summary: newly moved Georgia couple and their daughter, who begins to see "strangers" that are visible only to her. The couple is then drawn into a mystery regarding the true origins of the scary phenomenon.

My Thoughts: This movie is a mess. Starting with the title, the "haunting" takes place in GEORGIA! Not Connecticut, which is ridiculous. But what I found interesting is that it was loosely based on a real life story with a girl who shares the name of one of our characters, Heidi. Its plain and simple, the plot. And also, I like the take on slavery. You don't see that in a lot of movies, but now you see movies like Django Unchained. Now they don't see slavery as if it never happened. 

But I liked the plot of the story. I really, really did love the acting of the young child in the movie. She also, I must add, is in Revenge. She plays the young Amanda and I also, did enjoy her acting. She was the hi-light of the movie. Chad Micheal Murray wasn't as fantastic as I thought he would be. So if you're looking for him to be a big part in the movie, he isn't as much of a part of it as the young girl is.

And so during the movie, the wife, is seeing things and she is constantly denying the creep stuff that is going on in this house. She knows its true, but she won't let anyone know. And I'm just like:


Do you want your whole family to DIE??!?! Get your shit together and go, get out. And finally, the father decides that it's time to go and leave, but its too late and the "Stationmaster" is after them. 

The whole Stationmaster thing was good. I enjoyed the effects and such. It was really swell, but they should have added more backstory to Lisa and her family's illness. Like seriously. I was confused for a while about what was what.

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