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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty Little Liars: A dAngerous gAme Recap

Hello one and all. 
Welcome to my recap of the season finale for Pretty Little Liars.

Well although the spelling mistakes in the name annoy me, this episode left me wondering a lot, but it wasn't as shocking as I thought it would be.

Last season's finale had me screaming at the tv, throwing things at the wall and everything.

That was me. Not literally, but as an example, that was how I felt. I have never felt such feelings since Revenge's season finale last year. 

1. Spencer's on the A team. Spencer's on the A team. But why? Why? She couldn't take not knowing anymore. I mean, WE ALL CAN'T, I just want to know who A is and let my life move on. So after Spencer gets out of the loony bin aka Radley, her parents throw her a party, or so we think, it's actually a set up.

2. Toby, alive? 

It CAN'T BE. Noooo! Spencer surprises Toby at his hotel after Mona starts trusting Spencer with new found information in Mona's lair. He then tells her that he's on the A Team for her. So sweet. Or is it? After everything that has happened this season I can't trust anyone anymore! Sure as hell not Toby.  

3. Soon the girls then find out that Spencer is on the A team with a little help from Malcolm, Ezra's son. Aria freaks out on the girls and says Malcolm is off limits. But instead Hanna goes against her and takes the job regardless and finds out Spencer had kidnapped him in the previous episode. They then realize Spencer is a part of the A team and begin to plan accordingly.

4. The girls plan to find out if Spencer really knows who Red Coat is and so they make Hanna wear an actual red coat and lure Spencer, who's desperate to know who she is. WE ALL ARE. They then find out she doesn't know, but that Mona does? Then the scheming begins.

5. They pretend to get dressed up for the party while Toby films as A for Mona so he can prove he's loyal and that they're fallen for the trick. But really they're going to Mona's hiding place to trap her. Which they do, but A the big A, Red Coat, finds out and tries to burn them all alive, except for Spencer and Toby who're out in the woods. Mona is then kicked off the A Team.

6. The girls are dragged out of the fire by an unknown person, or people considering the fact one person would be dead if they tried to pull about 4 people one by one from a burning building. And so, Hanna wakes up just in time to see that Red Coat was actually Ali? Or was it a hallucination? WE DON'T KNOW.

They drive home to see Wilden's police truck with the video of Hanna's mom running Wilden over still intact and then there's more, Shana and JENNA, drag him away!!! WHUT?

And then they open the trunk and its over. ITS OVER!?!?
Was that a horrible season finale or was that just me?

I don't know.


  1. UHHH!!! What was in the trunk??? I don't want to wait until June!!! And who is always buried alive?? Red Coat has to be Ali or Courtney bc like 3 of them saw her. And is Mona like friends with them now?? WTF!!!! Mona SUCKS! Plus why was Mona saying she didn't get approached until Radley when clearly she was working w/ people before that. She had that whole hotel room command center and multiple people working for her before she got put in Radley. Very Confusing!!!

    I'm mad that there wasn't any bog "reveal" for this finale but at least June isn't that that far away... and I'm happy Toby is alive... he's a bit weird looking (especially dressed as Eminem), but I liked him w/ Spencer... but now who's gonna be with British hottie Wren????

    1. I know and THAT SUCKS. I don't want it to be like the books, they said it wouldn't. And I know, Mona is crazy!!! Don't trust her! I didn't even realize that. Woah!!!!

      I thought there would be a reveal too, at least one. I know, Wren is so lonely now. :C

      Toby...I don't even know what to think about him at this point.

  2. Sigh yea I wanted more!!!! I need to know stuff!!!!

  3. I know. Good thing June isn't far away!


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