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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Lying Game: Spring Finale Recap

The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 10 To Lie For (13)

Well, Teresa is dead. 


And so that is the beginning of this episode. Also mix in a little Thayer/Emma/Ethan drama and it looks like we've got a hell of an episode. We also begin this episode this episode with Dan being a raging psychopath yelling at everyone and everything to try and find out about what happened to Teresa. 

After all this unimportant drama, we get down to what's serious. What actually happened to Teresa? In the last episode, we saw Teresa lying in the pool, but as it turns out she was hit from being and put in the pool by someone. Maybe the same person who murdered Derek? Because we still don't know who murdered him for Christ's sake! WHEN WILL WE FIND OUT?!?!
It's so intense, this show is. 

And so we've been searching and looking for evidence on who did this crime and WE FINALLY FIND a broken heart shaped necklace that belongs to a certain mother of two brown haired twins, Rebecca. Which puts her at the crime scene and then we finally get a warrant to search her damn house even though they've been talking about her doing this crime for about 3 episodes already! 3 episodes with about everyone accusing Rebecca of murdering these people.

Not not before her and Emma have a show down. Emma accuses Rebecca of not loving her and doing all this and also of not loving her and Sutton, which causes the tears to come.

After they find the necklace, Alec makes a call to, most likely Rebecca, telling her to pack her bags. And then everyone is looking for her because then she's gone. 

Where she is? I don't know. But she then makes a call to the twins telling them goodbye. The next scene is Rebecca and Jordan, with Rebecca telling Jordan to come with her, but he refuses until she brings up what he did to her brother in L.A. What? I don't know. 

Next Ted meets the girls that he cannot put up with anymore lies, WHICH WE ALL CANNOT STAND anymore. NO MORE LIES. NO MORE LIES. Emma meets Thayer and they chat some more he tells her to shut the door, very creepily. 

Rebecca returns out of the blue. She has someone give Alec a note telling him to meet her on the roof, where she basically blurts out about how she knows who the killer is. WHOWHOWOJWHWOHWHOWHO IS THE DAMN KILLER ALREADY?!?!


Jordan also returns and talks to Mads and they run off together for a while before he can go and turn himself in. The cops show up and he goes to turn himself in, leaving Mads heartbroken and we then find out he murdered his brother.



I don't know why Rebecca wanted Alec to meet her on the roof, its freaking dangerous! And so then they start talking about protecting people and how Alec masterminded this whole thing to protect someone. I don't know how many bells went off in my head, but I automatically assumed it was Kristen, and then I went:


Then we see Emma and Thayer break up and he tells her to leave. She does and he pulls a fucking crowbar out of his couch and starts destroying his house. 


The crowbar used to kill Derek...
So that means, he killed Derek...
And Teresa?

But...but why? 



BRB. Dying.

I'm going to rewatch this over and over again and try to get myself together. WHAT IS LIFE?


  1. OMG I have the same feelings!!!!!
    I'm trying to find out details about the 3rd season. If there is going to even be one!!

    1. There was talk of it being cancelled and I was like: HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?

  2. It better not get cancelled or I will cry!!! I like this show even more than PLL!! I'm obsessed!! and I MUST know why Thayer would do that stuff.... WHY???????????????

    1. Yes. I need to know. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HE WAS INVOLVED WITH THAT STUFF. ITS CRAZY. Yes, this show hooks me more than PLL now.


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