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Saturday, April 13, 2013

So I got books. Here is my haul. You shall like it. Or not.

So hey.

Because I have so many fans. 


But anyways, yesterday, I went to the library. It's been a while since I've been to a library that A. Isn't in my school. B. Isn't 0.5 miles from my house. 

Mainly because I'm lazy and because I cannot drive. Seriously, I drive like a drunk sloth.

It's scary. And so I went to the library. And I got books. And I'd just like the mention the books I got for a minute. Well not a minute. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.

P.S: I am not taking pictures of my books.

A.  My camera is so far away from me and I am what you call...LAAZZYY.

B. My camera is far away, I'll mention that again.

And so here we go, first one is:

Impostor (Slide #2)

Imposter By Jill Hathaway

I read the first one, I didn't like it that much, but I saw the sequel and thought, hey, let's see if it got any better. And it did. Praise and applause to Jill Hathaway because she wrote fantastic books and because she has the same last name as one of the most wonderful woman ever. I read this book in a couple of hours, even though I was like:


IS THIS ALL?! I NEED MORE.  But sadly, there were no more, so I got sad a little.

But ultimately it was a good book.

Then You Were Gone

Then You Were Gone 
By Lauren Stranick 

I saw it, it had a pretty cover. I looked in it and read the little description thingy ma-bobber and I was like:

Sorry I keep using this gif, its just Jennifer Aniston is my girl crush. I mean look at her. LOOK AT HER. SHE'S ADORABLE. 

And so I'm going to read it soon after finishing either The Fault in Our Stars or 17 and Gone which I have started reading.

And finally we have:

17 & Gone

17 And Gone 
By Nova Ren Suma

Well I read Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma. Awesome name BTW, just difficult to type. But that must just mean I need better typing skills. TYPING OF THE DEAD HERE I COME!

And so more about this book, I started it, I'm not liking it as much, but I really do want to finish because I've only heard great things about this. I'm really confused about the beginning, is it that she can sense these girls going missing or what? I don't know. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN.


And that is all. Oh and also, again I will mention this:


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