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Monday, May 27, 2013

Revenge 2 Hour Season Finale Review

It's been a long time since I've posted about this show and for good reason. I HADN'T CAUGHT UP! There was so much going on and seriously, I just finished the season finale and it blew my mind! 


It was insane. Way better than Season 1. I thought that Season 1 was better, but this proved to me, no, no, Season 2 has me rolling on the floor crying, screaming and just...I'm just dying.

- The aftermath of the Blackout
The Blackout was epic-ly placed and while Emily and Aiden were out trying to protect each other, Nolan was actually trying to fix things technologically. And as it turns out, after the blackout, Aiden was turned into the next David Clarke. 

- New Life and New Death
I'm going to go ahead and spoil something for you now before you go on and read, but anyways. We had to say goodbye to a lovely character on Revenge. And his name is Declan Porter. But how you ask? Thanks to Conrad, who decided it would be a nice time to blow up    Grayson Global. Declan was inside looking for Charlotte and it went BOOM, BOOM, while he was inside. WTF? You say. I know, I know. 


And woah, woah, Charlotte is pregnant. I found it funny that Victoria went over to Daniel's like: HEY. HEY. THAT HOE EMILY IS PREGNANT. And then Daniel's all like, Naaa son. And then Victoria is like: OH GOD. 

And then Declan is dead, what is going to happen??!?!?!

- Amanda?
She told him.
She told him.
I cannot live on this planet anymore.

I've been waiting on this for years. YEARS.

And when it happened, I'm just like: WTF?!?! Why was this necessary? 


-Jack is a DOUCHE
Jack is kind of a douche, and he has completely forgotten about HIS SON. He's going to go out and try to murder Conrad and he's not going to get away with it. OBVIOUSLY. And so, what about Carl? What will happen to him? But no, Jack doesn't care. He just cares about avenging his brother and Amanda, but....


I want Aiden to be with Emily, but Emily....Emily...Emily....She likes way to many people!

Aiden...Daniel, whoever knows what the fuck is going on with that...And Jack...I just don't know. I..can't...

But anyways, Aiden...I don't know how much I like his character that much anymore.

Just, so much going on. I really enjoyed this season, I don't even know what's going to happen with Season 3.

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