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Saturday, June 1, 2013

All-In-One: Horror Movie Trailers

Well, well. 


As you all know, I'm a avid horror movie fan. And there are a lot of upcoming horror movies and so many trailers that I really actually enjoy, so I am going to post them here for you to watch, and talk about them. I'm going to jam all these posts into one. Hence the term, "All-In-One."

The Purge 

The Purge looks good. Very good, especially with the whole idea on "All crime is legal for one day," it's different. Never really been done before. Then I noticed Ethan Hawke and I'm like: THIS IS DEFINITELY GOING TO BE GOOD. But one thing I didn't like that: Oh, this rich family, yes, nothing can happen to us. Then the son, or girl, whatever it is is a major asshat and lets this person in, it made it a little cheesy. 

You're Next

This also looks good, but that is because it looks like that typical, outing gone wrong, twist ending cliche horror movie. And those kind of movies are my guilty pleasure. I mean, as a movie it looks like it shall be shitty, but for my standards, I'm going to love it. And the music, I liked it. The Animals are Loose, that is so, so typical because they're wearing animal masks, but yeah, it's going to be good. I hope.

The Conjuring

Looks very, very creepy. But these kinds of horror movies have been done over and over again to DEATH. I absolutely love Patrick Wilson, so of course I'd have to see this movie. Vera Farminga, too. I loved her in Bates Motel. Even little Joey King is in this movie. Its great, and I think I'm going to enjoy it, but its not really scary. But something to see for fun.


Oh god, oh god, this looks absolutely terrifying. And in a good way. I think I will actually be scared by this, I was by the last movie which I saw on Netflix. And this looks like it will be even better. And also, the last movie wasn't even released in that many theaters. It wasn't that big everywhere, I heard about it mainly on the internet. I really, really wish it would be released in theaters, so I don't have to drive in the middle of nowhere for a freakin' film festival.

So that's enough horror for you guys today.



  1. The Purge looks so creepy but good! I'm scared to watch the rest of the trailers lol

    1. Awwwwww, Don't watch VHS2, that's really scary. You're Next isn't that scary from the trailer. Lol. You should watch that trailer.


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