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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book To Movie: 20 Times A Lady By Karyn Bosnak

A long, long time ago, I saw a wonderful movie. Its one of my favorite movies actually. Its called What's Your Number? Starring Anna Faris and Chris Evans, they're wonderful actress/actor people. I really recommend you see this movie if you love those cheesy, romance, funny, comedy type movies. Sitting on the couch, hating your love life and eating lots of chocolate kinds of movies.

And then later....

I realized it was a book. And I heard fantastic things about this book, so I thought that I must get it. And we all know its a good book and yada-yada, so no review.



Because we're going a book to movie post.
We're talking about the good things and bad things when this has gone from book to movie, the differences, the similarities. Woot.

So with the book, you have Delilah, who's single and lonely and just got fired from her job along with her best friend Michelle. And she reads a magazine talking about a woman's number and she realizes her's is too high. Her neighbor Colin is Irish and his father is a cop, his father's friends are cops and he is just a normal, cute-most-likely-hot, guy. Single and ready to mingle. And also sweet as sugar. Delilah then gets the idea to track down all her exes to not raise her number and hooks Colin into helping her because she tells him she's planning a "party." Her exes and her adventures to find them are hilarious and all out there and its so unbelievable, its humorous. 

Then in the movie, we have Ally, again, single and lonely. And again, she's just gotten fired. Too bad, she's the only one getting fired. Again, she reads the magazine and gets this idea that her number is too high and such and goes on this crazy adventure to track down all her exes. Colin, still hot, still her neighbor. Less sweet and more of a player, but hot. That's really all that matters, right? And less humorous than the book, but has more romantic tension in it.

The book hold more information to hold the story together. Of course, because its the book, but the movie, its really enjoyable, but its shaky. So many other things are put into the movie that are not from the book. Its not annoying, but it is a tad irritating if you've read the book first because you're kind of looking for these crazy misadventures and..

YOU DON'T EVEN GET THEM. They've been twisted and changed and its just not the same and that is why the movie I enjoyed as much as I had. Because I hadn't read the book first.

So, read the book LAST. Movie first, book last, if you want to enjoy the sexy Chris Evans and wonderful Anna Faris, like me.


  1. aww darn. I just requested this on Netflix bc you reminded me of it when you posted you got the book. I mean I want to see it anyway, but it stinks that it's not AS funny as the book. Because the book had me getting weird looks from people for laughing out loud :)

    PS- Are you watching the new season of PLL?

    1. Wooo, I loved this movie. And I know. After I read the book, I was like: SOMETHING IS MISSING. And yes! I love it, I don't even know what's going to happen this season, but its coming to be craazzyy


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