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Monday, July 15, 2013

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim (2013)

Starring: Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi and Burn Gorman

Starring: The film is set in the 2020s, when Earth is under attack by Kaiju, colossal monsters which have emerged from a portal on the ocean floor. To combat the monsters, humanity unites to create the Jaegers: gigantic humanoid mecha, each controlled by two pilots whose minds are joined by a neural bridge. Focusing on the war's later days, the story follows Raleigh Becket, a washed-up Jaeger pilot called out of retirement and teamed with rookie pilot Mako Mori in a last-ditch effort to defeat the Kaiju.

My Thoughts: Pacific Rim was epic. It took me for the fucking ride of my life and didn't let me go. AND I HATE ACTION MOVIES. Hate, hate, hate. I fall asleep every time I see one. I went for my brother's birthday and I planned to take a nap for the whole 2 hours. 

And, boy, was I wrong. I went into this not knowing much and I felt, "Oh aliens vs robots, this is so stupid." And its not just about that. There's story, actual story, I got attached to the characters and there isn't just ACTION, ACTION, ACTION. Plus, it was believable. The characters made it believable and enjoyable and all these people grew on me. Especially Charlie Day's character because I find him hilarious in general and you don't see him in things like this. I mean, its a freaking action movie.

One thing, I enjoyed A LOT, was the effects. The effects were brilliant and so amazing and realistic, the visuals were perfect everywhere. I was looking in the background for small things and just in awe at it. I also like that the robots weren't indestructible because that's like..boring! We want to see things getting blown up and hurt! It felt not like it was not 2 hours. It was fast paced and just amazing.

The intro, what I didn't like, was a little TOO long for me. It was suppose to build characters and stuff, but that's where I was trying to nap, afterwards, I WAS UP!

And that's Pacific Rim.


  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this movie, despite the fact that the trailers make it look like a Transformers reudx. I want to see this now !

    1. Its way better than that. WAY BETTER! You should see it, it was really good!

  2. After that snore-fest known as Lone Ranger, I'm just glad to get a movie that's fun and knows what it is. For better or worse. Good review Kandee.

    1. Woah, I'm glad I didn't see Lone Ranger. Thank you!


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