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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Walking Dead: 400 Days Review!


The Walking Dead DLC for 400 Days was released early this morning and everyone has been on it nonstop with the constant Youtube videos being released, blog posts, Instagram pictures of their television screens and incessant Twitter posts. It really just came out of nowhere because during E3 there was really NOTHING said about this game and after the giant cliffhanger of Season One, I was really excited. 


And it doesn't let you down because it's not a full game because its the DLC and its just a little something to get hungry fans wanting more. And its FUN! Not just fun, its intriguing, making me really want to know what's going to happen next. 
Because The Walking Dead..




This DLC is just a prime example of how Telltale's wonderful storytelling skills. They are literally thrilling and intriguing. All tied together in this unique art style. You play as five different characters and their lives are explained, but not enough where you'll really engaged, but that doesn't make the damn choices any easier. They give you these very hard choices and regardless of good or bad, they all come with consequences. These decisions are very Walking Dead-esque, coming down on you very hard and very quickly, to say the least. Its a real test on your morals. Choices including, shooting one of two of your acquaintances foots off, saving an innocent person or leaving them to die and even leaving your group behind or killing one of your friends.

The episodes are short, but enough to leave you wanting and enough to keep you satisfied until the game comes out. So as for this game, its very, very, good.

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