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Monday, October 14, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: ' Bitchcraft' Recap

I'd been waiting for this show for a while now it's here and I am late with watching it. (Well, only about 5 months, but who's counting anyways.)

We aren't at the murder house and we definitely are not at Briarcliff, but here in Coven we're starting off slowly. Slowly, but you know something is going to go off with a BANG! You can tell it's secretive and deceptive and basically, there's something "cray-cray" about to go down here. 

We start off with Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) , an all American girl, who just happens to be having sex with her boyfriend. (Oh, those rotten teenagers and their premarital sex.)
And then his brain just gets fried as they are doing the deed, so he ends up in a casket and it turns out she's a witch. 
Great news to hear! And then she's shipped off to a boarding school for special girls, which is just a place for girls who like to dabble in the magic.

There's about three or four other girls who go to this school, one being Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts), who I absolutely adore! People were actually bashing her about her acting and I completely don't understand why, that's not how she usually acts, she's playing the bitchy, stuck-up celebrity, hence the title, 'Bitchcraft.' The returning actress, Jamie Brewer who was in the first season as Jessica Lange's daughter, and Precious from the movie...



This school is none other run by Ms. Cordelia Foxx (Sarah Paulson) who is a potion maker and herb tender and such. I love her acting, even though it seems like she doesn't have a main part in this, hopefully she'll have something more to this season. And then Cordelia Foxx's mother is Jessica Lange! Jessica Lange plays Fionna Goode, a Supreme witch who is obsessed with youth and beauty and if you've ever picked up an older book in your life, you'll know that means nothing good. She's literally crazy for youth and she comes to see her daughter looking for some kind of potion to help her stay young forever, since she's like 600 years old. 

All while this is happening, you're getting amazing visuals and flashbacks from the past where you see Kathy Bates's character, Delphine LaLaurie, who was also obsessed with immortality as well as her friend Fionna, but the difference is Delphine cuts up her slaves and tortures them in her basement.

Yeah, that happened.

And you see her cutting them up and using the blood from their pancreas to rub all on her face to keep her young.

Again...That happened.

And then she puts a giant beast head on top of the slaves head.


Because she was fascinated with Minotaurs. 

And so she does that, then we get back to Zoe and her life and she goes to a party with Madison and then she ends up meeting Evan Peter's character, Kyle. To keep this short, Madison gets gang raped by Kyle's friends and while Kyle begins to hit up Zoe, they rape her and he finds out and he fights with his friends on their school bus. Then Madison flips the school bus and most of them die.

It was a lot. 

American Horror Story is intense, it takes it there and beyond. You get a take on slavery, torture, rape, heads exploding, and just everything. Its crazy. I don't know how much I'll like it, but its not disappointing me like how the beginning of the second season did. So go watch it, tell me what you thought, next week, we'll see what happens.

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