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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: Boy Parts Recap

Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange as Madame Delphine LaLaurie and Fiona Goode in Episode 2 of 'American Horror Story: Coven'. Photo Credit: FX

Last week, American Horror Story Coven premiered and now we're on episode two. I am just going to say that, Wow! WOW.

And I thought episode one was crazy.

MistyWe start off with two fishermen/hunters trying to trap a gator and then we see Misty Day (Lily Rabe), the witch girl who was burned alive last episode, I think! All I know is that she died. But apparently not, considering she then reincarnates the alligator they'd killed and makes it attack one of the fishermen and then the other one runs away.

But he didn't get too far before he got eaten as well. 
Oh well. 

And so then we move on to Madison (Emma Roberts) and Zoe (Tarissa Farminga), who are at the Academy. Madison does not apologize for killing Kyle (Evan Peters) as she sees Zoe looking up things about him on the Internet. She, however, as the cold-hearted bitch she is, tells her to "move on" 

Yeah, she kind of sucks.

And then Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) goes to retrieve her mother, Fiona (Jessica Lange) and there's a horrible smell coming from her room. Fiona tells Cordelia that the smell is Chinese herbs and promptly tells her to go and move on, but we know that's a lie. Its Fiona for Christ's sake. In actuality, it is the Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who was buried in the ground for a little bit over 180 years.

That's a long time to be stuck in a hole in the ground alive.  

Fiona tells her not to scream as the removes her gags, but, of course, that is the first thing she does. Then she puts the gag back on the idiot and tells her she better tell her how she's stayed alive so long and after Madame LaLaurie freaks out over Fiona's cell phone, Fiona leaves. 

We see a little bit of Queenie's past and how she burned a man alive while she worked at a chicken shack.

We go to real time, and everyone is in the living area talking and two investigators walk in wanting to talk to Madison and Zoe. The investigators then begin to interrogate the two of them and Zoe cracks and tells them they're witches, about the gang rape and the bus flipping. 

Fiona walks in and mind controls the shit out of the cops and brutally word molests the two girls, especially Zoe, but she deserved it.


Madison and Zoe then take their stupid selves to the morgue. They enter a locker where the boys from the bus crash are located and then they find Kyle to put him together and bring him to life.


They end up thinking he's not alive first, but then Madison ditches Zoe because she doesn't want to get caught. Zoe then realizes that the spell worked and that Kyle is alive.

Kyle attacks the security guard and kills him and he and Zoe escape.

Misty Day pops up in the back seat and she tells them to take her to her house. They do and she keeps Kyle, but tells Zoe to come back. 

Back to Fiona who walks into a beauty shop to get her hair done, and then we see Marie Laveau (Anglea Bassett), the witch who put the evil slave keeping Miss Madame LaLaurie in that hole and even gave her the immortality.

Fiona wants the immortality for herself, obviously.

And then Nan, a girl at the school, lets Madame LaLaurie free, saying she kept thinking too loudly.

Silly kids.

And that's it, I am really enjoying this season of American Horror Story, this isn't my favorite so far, but maybe it will pick up from here like last season did. 

I am not really into witches, magic and coven kind of stuff, but I can get into it because witches are apparently in.

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