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Saturday, November 16, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: Burn, Witch, Burn Recap

American Horror Story, recap, yet again.

Yet again.


We're welcomed with Madame LaLaurie's party at her "chamber of horrors" and they her daughter Borquita gets a gesture from a young boy. She gives them bowls of different organs of her torture slaves and, of course, that's a wonderful first impression. I mean, who doesn't love thrusting their hands into a bowl of intestines. After he and his family run away, Borquita goes with her sisters and they talk about murdering their mother. 

What they don't know is that LaLaurie has overheard them and she has two slaves come up and grab them in their sleep. They are sent into the basement aka the torture chamber and are locked in little cages. She says if they're good, they will be let out in about a year.

*Flashback end*

We're back at the house and we see Madame LaLaurie staring at her dead, zombified daughters. Nan is positive they're dead because she can't hear them. Zoe, thank god, is the only sane one who decides to take action so they aren't DEAD! Luke, the overly attractive neighbor goes outside like the smart ass he is, trying to convince everyone that the zombies are just kids pulling a prank. HE'S OBVIOUSLY A GENIUS. So Luke gets stuck in a awkward situation with a zombie and it's Nan to the rescue! 
A shitty kind of rescue since then Zoe comes to the rescue and bangs pots and pans to bring the zombies to her.

Its a lose-lose situation considering one of the zombies got to Luke before and he's kind of dying. So Zoe brings the zombies to her and she hides in a shed. Back in the actual house, LaLaurie is getting beat up by her daughter as she tries to make amends with her. But after you stuff your own daughter with feces and throw her into a hole to rot, I don't think much is going to get done. Zombie Crazy Daughter #2 beats Spaulding with a candle stick and Madame LaLaurie stabs her zombie kid, killing it. Nan and Luke, again, are in a shitty situation because the zombies are back, but Zoe comes again, but this time with a chainsaw.

American Horror Story Chainsaw Massacre. 

Until it runs out of gas and she casts a spell to knock out all the zombies and Marie, who, by the way, is controlling this hellhole. 

Which also, foreshadows the fact Zoe may be the next Supreme, I don't like that idea because it is so cliche, but I do like Zoe's character. She's just not Supreme material, for me anyways. 

Back at the bar, Cordelia has sulfuric acid thrown on her face. We don't know, but either Myrtle or Misty Day did it.
That's my little conspiracy theory. Then the doctor tells Fiona that her eyesight couldn't be saved. As a plus, her face has been horrible disfigured. Dammit, FX. 

While Fiona is at the hospital, she sees a hooded figure and she then goes into a room with a crying woman who's just had a stillborn. Fiona brings the baby back to life in a very emotional scene because of the fact, you know, the woman is hysterical over her dead baby! Fiona is telling her: Touch it, tell her you love her. But she brings the baby back to life and also you see a little of humility in her. 

The council visits and trys to dethrone Fiona for neglect, but she traps Myrtle and ends up framing her. Well, at first, I actually believed that Myrtle maimed Cordelia. Fiona does put up quite the show. But anyways, Queenie actually helped Fiona frame Myrtle and after a bunch of this back and forth...

They end up burning Myrtle at the stake. Hence the title, "Burn, Witch, Burn."

Queenie tells Fiona cannot live with this, but, you know Fiona, she tricks Queenie into keeping her mouth shut by complimenting her. 

Also, Cordelia, has the gift of Sight. She is now beginning to see things as a result of her blindness. This is why I think that Misty Day thew the acid at her, but I'll get to that in another post. Her husband, Hank, comes into see her and tells her he'll never leave, but she touches him and sees he cheated. She tells him to leave, which he does.

Up in his room, Spaulding is playing mad tea house and we find Madison, still dead, in a chest and he tries to pick her up and her arm rips off.

Misty Day walks up to Myrtle's dead, burnt body and brings her back to life. 

Wow, that was a lot. Great episode in my opinion and I feel like its really picking up. I am glad it is because this was really falling short for me, but I WILL KEEP UP. I WILL. Its going to. I believe in you Ryan Murphy. 


  1. I so love this show a lot. this was a good episode. Great recap. I will definitely be coming around here a lot more.

    1. Thanks! And yes, I love this show as well, it is very...unique in my opinion. Except for that show on Lifetime, there's not many shows about witches.


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