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Saturday, November 9, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: Fearful Pranks Ensure Recap

Well, for me this episode wasn't that interesting. Not much Zoe or Madison (Maybe because she's a little dead), so this wasn't a great episode for me, but it is picking up.

So, first, we have a couple flashbacks, one back in Marie Laveau's (Angela Bassett) hair salon. A boy is riding his bike while a couple of white men chase him and they then catch him and lynch him. The boy's mother and Marie find his dead body and Marie decides to get revenge. She begins to sacrifice snakes and bring dead people alive to go get the white men, which they do.

Then another flashback comes and we see Marie with the older Supreme Anna-Leigh, before she was murdered by Fiona, and we see them make a truce. Then we go to the council and see a younger Fiona being questioned by them about Anna-Leigh's disappearance. They then present the younger Fiona with the title of the new Supreme.


And we see her rival, Myrtle Snow, who knows Fiona killed Anna-Leigh all jealous. She decides to put a truth spell on the butler, Spalding, (Denis O' Hare) who always is around Fiona. BUT, what Myrtle doesn't know is that Spalding cut his own tongue out to protect Fiona, whom he is in love with. 

Back in the present, we see him having a tea party..

Yes, a tea party, but then he hears Fiona yelling at Madison and then we know what happens from there. She slits Madison's throat. Fiona tells him to get rid of it and he rolls her up in a rug and takes her away. Fiona hears noises and goes out to the greenhouse to find Queenie and the Minotaur appears behind her. 

Cordelia is on the phone with her husband, Hank (Josh Hamilton) who is SUPPOSE to be on a business trip. But, of course, THIS IS AMERICAN HORROR STORY, its not. He's cheating on Cordelia! Which pissed me off. He begins to have sex with his mistress and afterwards, shoots her in the head. Yeah, that happened. It really happened, but she got what she deserved.

Back at Marie's hair salon, she and her friend work and they get a package. A package that holds the Minotaur's head. Still alive, of course.

Shoot to Kyle's place and we see him and Zoe. There's a bloody mess everywhere because he's just, you know, killed his mother. He tells Zoe that he's not Kyle anymore, he's different. Zoe goes to make him food and after putting rat poison in his food, she sees he's gone. 

Thank God, it's Halloween, however.

Marie makes a plan and tells her friend that the truce is over. Queen is revived and Madame LaLaurie thanks her for saving her life. Soon the council arrives and look who's there. Its Myrtle (Frances Cornoy)! They talk and Fiona shows up just after Cordelia tells them about her visiting Marie and about Queenie's attack. 
Turns out Nan (Jamie Brewer) called them because she can't hear Madison anymore.They talk of how Madison could've been the new Supreme. They interrogate Fiona about her knowledge of Madison's disappearance. She denies knowing anything about it and that cracks Myrtle, she yells at Fiona about killing Anna-Leigh, but she has no evidence, of course. She also accuses Fiona of cutting out Spaulding's tongue and she tells him to write down who did it. But instead of Fiona's name, he writes down hers.

Cordelia comes in to save Fiona and tells about how Madison had a heart murmur and couldn't have been the next Supreme. We then see Marie back to her old tricks and killing snakes to send after you know who, Fiona. Obviously. 

And then we see another horrid tea party, but with Madison, who he had propped up like a doll. Crazy, SOB.

We then cut to Cordelia and Fiona talking and Cordelia wants the truth. Then Cordelia vomits from too much drinking and we see a hooded figure come and throw acid on her face. 

The hot neighboor, Luke comes over and then banging on the front door happens. Madame LaLaurie opens the door only to see her dead daughters and more dead things coming after them.

Wow. Crazy episode. Very crazy episode. Not very good, in my opinion, but its American Horror Story, so I can't say I don't like it.

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