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Sunday, November 3, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: The Replacements Recap

Fionna (Jessica Lange) is sitting talking with the pictures of the different pictures of the former Supremes. She then starts having flashbacks to back in the day when she slashed the Supreme before her's throat. As it turns out, as the newer Supreme starts getting her powers, the old Supreme starts dying and it looks like Fionna is starting to die. 

And we see Fionna trying to stay young physically, but it can't work by any science on this Earth and then we see Cordelia trying to get pregnant. WHICH ALSO DOESN'T WORK.


But considering the way the go back and forth between the two problems, I believe they intersect somewhere, but, that's just me. Its American Horror Story! Anything could happen.

Zoe then goes to visit Kyle's mother, who is shown above. She is a hippy-dippy weird kind of mother, but she obviously loves her son. Zoe tells her that she'll see Kyle again, which is sort of true because then we move onto Misty Day's story where she's in her shack healing Kyle while crazily listening to Stevie Nicks. Woo!

Zoe thanks her and tries to take Kyle away, but Misty does not like that. Neither do I, but, I would like to see Kyle more, personally. But I do like Misty as well, she's so lonely and adorable. But Zoe ends up taking him away anyways. 

Too bad so sad, Misty.

Back at the school, we see there are new neighbors, unfortunately for them. One we see happens to be hot and shirtless which is good for Madison. But he is very turned off by her and she retaliates by throwing a knife at his mother and setting their curtains on fire. While Fionna is making Madame LaLaurie be Queenie's servant, the neighbor comes over to bitch about her burnt curtains, which gets Fionna thinking that Madison must be the new Supreme. 

Kyle is home, thanks to Zoe, and it turns out his mother has been molesting him since...forever and that's why he ran away! Wow. And she starts yelling at him that he's different and how his body isn't his. She really shouldn't know this, but she does, because she like has sex with him. Since Kyle is unstable and such, he ends up beating her with a trophy.

Cordelia visits Angela Bassett's character, Marie Laveau, to try a voodoo spell to get her pregnant. Marie describes this horrid process. I mean there's goats blood and what looks like dancing. Its crazy and then she turns her down and Cordelia will never have a child, it looks like.

Marie then decides to send out the Minotaur that LaLaurie created a while ago. And then things get crazy. It comes to the school and Queenie sets out to try and "tame" it. But she tames the beast in another way. 

That joke just made this uncomfortable. She begins to pleasure herself in front of the beast and he goes for it, until he snaps out of whatever is happening and snatches her up. 

Then we get to Madison who's made friends with Fionna. They go out and such and have fun, but we KNOW Fionna. Something is up. Fionna has a big rant on her fading powers and all and then tries to get Madison to kill her so Madison can just be Supreme. 

And Madison ends up killing Fionna. 

Of course, we knew something was happening. I wish that she'll come back, maybe, but its not likely she will.

And there's another fucked up episode of American Horror Story.

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