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Friday, November 29, 2013

Let's Talk: Awkward Season Three

Season Three of Awkward started on April 16 and its No-freaking-vember and things have heated up. Old Jenna (on the right) has progressed into this new bitchy, Sadie-esque monster who is known to me as New Jenna (on the left). It's like she's created a new personality with always wearing her hair down, dressing differently, doing drugs. It's insane.

Awkward for me has always been a guilty pleasure because I hate these after school special-like shows. Ex: Degrassi

Yes, I hate Degrassi. But Awkward holds a special place in my heart because it's different, not really, but it is. The characters aren't typical and neither are the story lines. It's not your typical girl-meets-boy, bad shit happens and then it magically gets fixed. The characters don't just heap out advice and then the situation gets magically solved at the end of the episode. Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) isn't your typical girl next door friend. She's wild and crazy and in-your-face and her advice will probably ruin your life, but she's adorable, so you overlook it.  Ming is another one of my favorite people because she's ASIAN. Not to sound racist what-so-ever I love Asians. She's funny and hilarious and BLONDE.

I have never seen a blonde Asian before. Remember! If I sound racist, I give you permission to punch me in the face through this computer screen. 

But last, but not least, Sadie. HOW COULD WE FORGET HER? She's crazy and obnoxious and mean and cruel, but its funny and you can tell she probably cares for Jenna somewhere deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP, DEEP, down, down someplace in the pits of hell. 

She does. Plus she's a chunky cheerleader, which you don't see unless they have like an eating disorder. *cough* Degrassi* 

In Awkward, Sadie is depressed because she went broke. THESE are the problems she has. Not having no friends or eat disorders or depression. 

These are serious issues, however, I mean, there's just more to tv than that. Teens have other problems. 

So, therefore, this is my favorite season of Awkward and I love when it rolls around. This season really hits home for me because I feel like I can relate so much to Jenna, even though I've never done drugs a day in my life. Neither do I go to popup bars and cheat on my boyfriend, but if it did happen, I could see me being Jenna. I literally almost cried when she asked Matty to hold her.

Things have gone to shit and I am really excited to see how everything will turn out, you know?

And that's all.

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