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Monday, December 16, 2013

American Horror Story Coven Recap: Head

Long time no talk, well, I am going to skip over the past few episodes and start with this one. This is the winter finale of American Horror Story Coven.

Well, well, during a season of a show there's usually an episode that picks the show up. This is that episode. This is how you do an American Horror Story episode.

Well, it starts with Hank, Cordelia's husband, as a child hunting with his father. You think he's hunting animals, but no, no, he's hunting witches. And so regardless of his father's instruction to kill the witch, the boy is still hesitant to do so because of the witch's pleading. His father ends up kill the witch anyways and tells him to never give them mercy.

Which is weird because Hank kind of ends up marrying a witch, cheating on his wife WITH ANOTHER WITCH. But you do start to care for him a tad. ONLY A LITTLE, Mainly because he's a terrible person, but his life is messed up. Who gives a 7 year old a gun, anyways?...Rednecks...Dammit.

And so after this, we head back to the present where Fiona delivers Madame Delphine's head back to Marie's shop to ask for an alliance. And since the Madame is immortal, she's still as talkative as ever and you know, angry, that she's been decapitated and back in the clutches of Marie. Not knowing that Marie hired the witch hunter or that the witch hunter is Hank, she dismisses her. Back at the house, Cordelia, still blind, is trying to cook. Myrtle, watching over her is saddened over the fact she's struggle. And, personally, Myrtle, if someone threw sulfuric acid on my face, I'd be struggling as well. Myrtle invites the witch council members over and they all chat. The members are just like, "Oh well, sorry for burning you alive and all, but your skin looks great! Hahahah." And she poisons them to make them still and scoops their eyes out to give to Cordelia. GREAT!

But Cordelia loses The Sight as they call it. But hey, now she can function correctly in the kitchen! 

Hank is off to visit his dad at WITCH HUNTING CORPERATIONS. Well, they call it Delphi. His father, who's crazy, is disappointed in him for not killing all the witches in New Orleans, but Hank promises to do so. Even killing his wife, who he loves even though she can't even make an omelet, much less a sandwich for him.

Madison and Zoe go to the hospital and see Nan still obsessing over Luke, the sexy neighbor boy. His mother, who is also bat shit crazy, is lurking over him as he is in a coma. She isn't happy to see them because they're devilish witches, regardless of the fact they saved her son's life. Ungrateful whore. Nan tells his Luke's mother his thoughts and they bond over a song and all this lovey-dovey shit goes on.

Queenie was suppose to burn Delphine's head, but instead she has her own agenda. She is making her watch all these movies about slavery and African American freedom and such. i.e. Roots

Marie begins to torture Hank into killing the white witches and Misty and Cordelia are in the plant garden...you know...bonding. While back in the hospital, after the bonding session between Nan and Luke's mother. Luke begins to yell that his mom sucks. Which she does, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it's good considering he's in a coma. But he does so through Nan, telling his mother that he knows she killed his father when he was going to leave WITH THE BEES! THHEEE BEEES.

She then throws Nan out and we are back at Queenie's place. Since Roots was a bust, she plays a wonderful hymn by an African American choir and Delphine starts to cry. Hank bursts in and shoots everything up. 

Which had me like: 


Hank is going Terminator on everyone and just as he is about to kill Marie, Queen sacrifices herself by using one of Hank's guns and shoots herself in the head, which kills him, too, thanks to her voodoo powers. Oh, and Luke's mother smothers him to death with a pillow!

Almost forgot.

Well, well, that scene was beautiful and powerful and it got the point across. I almost cried during it, I swear. Maybe it was the music, but I loved it. I did. It was just perfect in general. 

I loved the detail brought into this episode, most things were brought into light and I've watched it twice. I wish more episodes were like that, more emotional in general. 

I don't know if Queenie and Hank are coming back, they may, because you know, we have Misty the magical healer who just brings everyone back to FUCKING life, which in my opinion is annoying. Since they have this emotional aspect with the deaths of characters we care about, they should leave it. I was okay with Kyle being brought back because it started the season off and I was semi okay with Madison being back, only because I like her character. Myrtle, no. Just, no, but she is a brilliant actress.

So, I am ready for the premiere of the next episode next year. 
Are you?

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