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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Game Review: Always, Sometimes Monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters
Developed By:  Vagabond Dog

Summary:  Always Sometimes Monsters is the story of life, love, and the things we will go through to find happiness in both. Set out on a journey through the modern human experience as you overcome the heartbreak of lost love, and the hardship of making choices that affect your life and the lives of those around you.

My Thoughts: With this game, we've got a mix between a visual novel and a click and point RPG. I literally finished it about 20 minutes ago and it has left me thinking whether or not I could've done something different. I tried to do what I thought was right (not counting murdering the asshole with Carla), but I could have done the opposite. This is a game that really makes you think, but that ending...That ending....

I call bullshit.

I will not speak of what bullshit because you should play it for yourself

However, this is a gem of a game. Its a great little RPG game with an extremely dark storyline. Very, very dark. And it is not your typical RPG game, not a little combat game, not full of puzzles, just a game with decisions an a story to follow and characters to play with.

THAT YOU PICK. That's pretty swell, too.

It is a beautiful game, sometimes a bit tedious, but the overall experience is one that I will remember. And for that little 9.99, it was worth it. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone

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