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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top Home Invasion Movies

   Home invasion movies are my favorite kind of horror movies. Why? Because I   feel as if this could actually happen to me. I am absolutely terrified of the       idea of someone breaking into my home and waiting for me there to torture     me. So we're going to talk about home invasion movies today!

                                                         Mother's Day (2010)
I saw this movie about two years ago and I still remember it clearly. This movie scared the shit out of me because it was believable and realistic. I was curled up in my sheets for about three hours after I finished this movie. This is an A+ Home Invasion movie that I highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. It's the same ole, same ole people breaking into the home thing, but the way it plays out is fantastic.

You're Next (2013)

I saw You're Next with my friends for my birthday and I watch it at least once a week. It is a bit silly and typical horror movie-ish, but it's comedic. It isn't scary whatsoever, but it is entertaining, I'll give that to it. What is about is a bunch of family members meeting up for a bit of a reunion and then maniacs in animal masks show up wielding machetes and arrow guns. Basic horror movie home invasion plot, but please, it's different. I promise!

Black Christmas (2006)

Black christmas ver3.jpgThis movie is technically listed as a slasher, but it is also a home invasion movie. I am bending the rules slightly because I adore Black Christmas. I watch it every year around Christmas time and it never seems to get old. Take in mind that this is the 2006 version though. I like it better because it is more typical horror movie, sort of campy, and slightly predictable which is the kind of horror movie I love.

Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room poster.jpgPsychological thriller about a woman and her kid trapped in a panic room while robbers are in the house. WOW! I found this plot unique and different, so that pretty much made the movie for me. Also, Kristen Stewart is in it. What can you not like about Panic Room? It's thrilling, exciting and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It isn't my favorite because there could have been more going on in the movie. They could've stepped it up, in my opinion.

    AND SO HERE WE ARE. Here are my favorite home invasion movies. You         want the best of the best? Well, here you are!

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