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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Movie Review: Come Back To Me (2014)

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Come Back To Me (2014)
Starring: Jon Abrahams, Andrew Beckham, Jeanette Branch, Katie Walder

My Thoughts: This movie was like a punch in the face. Not in a bad way, let me tell you, but it was exciting and a big wake up call for me as a movie reviewer. And by that I meant that I realized that I needed to get back in the swing of things with my blogging. So, after scrolling through Netflix (Which has now been updated, so if you've been bored, please scroll through it some more), I clicked on this movie and in the first twenty minutes, I believed that this was going to be a terrible movie. Basically, we start out with a very messy, bloody dispute with husband and wife,which we don't see. We see a young boy walk into the room, which is covered from top to bottom with blood and then we see him and his mother, who is also covered in blood, walk out. Then we're introduced to our main character, Sarah, who is basically just living a young woman's dream. She's beautiful, married and happy and doesn't really have to do anything at all to get by. Oh, and did I mention she has a really creepy neighbor, the young boy from before all grown up, who obviously has a huge crush on her. Soon, Sarah starts blacking out at random times, get's pregnant (even though her husband is sterile) and soon uncovers a horrifying secret that even I didn't see coming.

Although this low budget horror-thriller seems like a boring, been-there-done-that film, it's much more. Most films let you see everything that's happened towards the film's beginning and let the story play backwards, so we know somethings going on and we know what it is, but how will the characters find out is the question. In this film, we're given about as much information as the characters are and like us, they have no clue what they're in for. Time after time, we're shocked and thrilled and even made a bit uncomfortable. It's not one of the best in the genre because it was made very cheaply and the acting was sub par, but the story made up for it so, please, turn on Netflix, cozy on up in your covers and enjoy the ride.

4/5 Books!
(On Netflix) 

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