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Monday, January 19, 2015

Movie Review: The Glass House (2001)

The Glass House (2001)
Starring: Leelee Sobieski, Diane Lane, Stellan Skarsgard and Bruce Dern

Summary: Ruby Baker's life has gone downhill. After stumbling home drunk, she discovers that her parent have been killed in a car accident. So, Ruby and her brother, Rhett move to live with their parent's former neighbors, Terrence and Erin Glass. Things then start looking up as Ruby and Rhett move to a new school, make new friends and learn that they have $4 million left to them from their parents. After learning that, strange things begin to happen at home with Terrence and Erin.

My Thoughts: I've heard time after time that this movie was great. "This movie is fantastic." "10/10" and I may have to disagree with those statements. In my opinion, this movie was quite mediocre. I've seen the parents die and kids get stuck with suspicious caretakers story far too many times and this one just happened to fall short. Here's a thriller that plays it safe, not bringing anything new to the genre and although I've seen this done so much, something about this film made it entertaining nonetheless.

Maybe it was the characters development or maybe it was the way the plot unfolded in a great, atmospheric kind of way, but that's what kept me watching. What I mean is that the way the events kept unfolding wasn't overly dramatic (except the ending), neither was it overly slow and overdrawn. There was the perfect amount of drama and pauses and that makes a good thriller. But was this one? I don't even know. It was watchable, but not anything stood out, unless you count the numerous amounts of car chases and the ridiculous ending. 

Mediocre yet entertaining, The Glass House is something you can afford to miss. However, if you're bored on a Saturday night looking for something to watch, this would be an acceptable choice.

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